8 Best Email Marketing Examples to Idealize 2022

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It’s the end of another year in terms of email trends, and you already know what that implies. Not only are there new technology and email capabilities to experiment with, but readers also expect to see new tastes and trends. With more individuals signing up for company emails and newsletters, standing out in 2022 will require more than an old bag of tricks.

We’ve compiled the nine best email marketing examples we’ve seen to inspire your future email campaigns, from world-class copywriting to an eye-catching design.

Taylor Stitch is a clothing line for guys. You’d think they’d bombard subscribers’ inboxes with the most up-to-date fashion suggestions and guidance. That, however, is not what they do. Instead, their marketing strategy is the most straightforward you’ll ever see. 


Every email simply contains the most recent clothes collection, together with all important information such as prices and the number of things. You can also refer to Incrementors as they provide the best email marketing solution


Men can choose their favorite goods and purchase them whenever they want. Taylor Stitch recognizes that guys do not want fashion advice sent to their email addresses. They merely want to know when the new collection will be available and how to order it. There’s no need for content variety!

  •  Klarna

Because users’ inboxes are clogged with so many emails, they want to receive brief emails and to the point. This email from Klarna is an illustration of what I’m talking about. They smartly chose not to include any additional aspects or extensive text in this promotional email to distract or confuse their users.



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They used a relatable graphic and basic, brief textual content to promote their offer. Right beneath that, there’s a CTA button encouraging readers to make whatever purchase they want during the holiday season and pay later. It’s straightforward but effective. This one should 

undoubtedly motivate you to create email introductions.

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  • Remarkable

The marketing team at reMarkable demonstrated how one image can speak a thousand words. remarkable sent out a promotional email to announce their next-generation paper tablet.


They presented a tablet in this email that was so thin that it didn’t even touch the textual information. They’ve also listed features that distinguish their tablet from others. They didn’t mention their goods too much because the visual was powerful enough to interest their audience. 




They delivered a short but powerful message in their email, stating that what they are giving is unique and that their readers will profit immensely from it.

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  • Arlo

When brands develop campaign-themed promotional emails, we love it because it demonstrates that the email is special and distinctive for a specific event or holiday. As is the case with Arlo’s.


Their design features a brown background with orange leaves to represent the essence of the autumn season. To persuade users to take action, they placed a big CTA button right at the start of the page while displaying a limited-time deal.


Furthermore, they stated the things that are on sale to grab their users’ attention. This was another brilliant attempt to get the reader to buy something.

  • Zapier

This email from Zapier is ideal for instilling FOMO among its recipients.


The purpose of the email is to display a limited-time deal. They did this by including a countdown timer in the email and writing an attention-grabbing heading to highlight that the deal is only available for a limited period.


They were astute enough to include the four benefits of upgrading, which was another excellent feature of this communication. It could persuade readers to upgrade to Zapier’s subscription plan as soon as possible. As we mentioned,  Incrementors provide the best SEO strategies to small businesses and newcomers. 

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  • Miro

We would give Miro an award for conveying just the correct amount of information without trying too hard.


This was an initial email issued to subscribers to explain what Miro is and how it works. They employed their brand colors in their design and highlighted key features with appropriate symbols.


It’s the ideal email for newcomers who are looking for strategies to organize their tasks.

  •  Dropbox

Dropbox has a great method for re-engaging users. You might believe that emails from services that consumers haven’t used aren’t appreciated. Dropbox, on the other hand, disproves this notion. Dropbox notifies members of its existence in a non-intrusive fashion with a few adorable photos and a brief and pleasant message.


If you use this type of email marketing, you could want to include a ‘limited-time offer’ to entice people to download or install your software.

  • Litmus

Litmus is a corporation that specializes in email marketing. As a result, its marketing campaigns will undoubtedly stand out. Litmus is attempting to reconnect with subscribers who haven’t opened their emails in a long time in this example of one of its email campaigns.


It’s a terrific illustration of how respecting the privacy and time of your subscribers can help you earn their trust. Litmus’s marketing campaign also includes a lot of GIFs and videos. This distinguishes their content and keeps subscribers entertained.


Email marketing is a tried-and-true technique to communicate with your customers, no matter where they are in the world, for very little money. When compared to other forms of marketing, custom-created emails that are appropriately targeted will provide you with a big boost in your internet business.

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