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Advertising agencies in Nigeria 2021. In this post you’ll see the top best advertising agencies in Nigeria based on research.

Do you want to know the top 10 advertising agencies in Nigeria? Getting the best advertising agencies in Nigeria to advertise your business will give your business a maximum boost in growth.

These advertising agencies help you also in developing a corporate identity and increasing your visibility.

Implementing innovative solutions from a good online marketing companies in Nigeria will enhance your brand awareness.

Not only that,  it’ll even create awareness for your social media platforms.

Why do you need these advertising agencies in Nigeria

You already know why you need advertising agencies in Nigeria. What you want is to take your business to the next level.

If you don’t have the ability to do that,  then you’ll need a good advertising agency.



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What if the advertising agencies in Nigeria are not close to you

That’s not a problem at all,  they can do all their services online and give you great value.

It’s done digitally,  so no need to worry about that.

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To narrow your search down for the fitting innovative team, below are list of the top 10 advertising Agencies in Nigeria.

Advertising agencies in Nigeria
Advertising agencies in Nigeria 2021

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Top 10 Advertising Agencies In Nigeria 2021

Disclaimer: this list is based on research, make your research before you do business with any of them.

1. Pottersmedia

They’re good home of Web design in Nigeria and based in Lagos. They are focused on honoring their crafts and bringing everything they have to the table for their clients.

Visit their website here.

2. Algorithm Media

Algorithm Media is a 360° media planning, buying communications and advertising agency. They’re among the best advertising agencies in Nigeria.

They’ve attracted the best talent from within and outside Nigeria. And complemented this with good practices and strategies to connect brands with their audience.

By so doing, they help them gain their business goals & gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

GroupM, the global powerhouse make sure that they deliver an unparalleled advantage to their Clients in the market.

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They do this by bringing together the best of a worldwide and regional trading advantage and a systems-driven agency underpinned at its heart by data and people that have passion and deeply rooted in the insights that drive the local market.

This, they strongly believe, is an unbeatable combination.

Algorithm Media’s ‘sister company’, Ogilvy Nigeria offers a various array of WPP offerings which include: Advertising, Brand strategy development and localization, Below-The-Line activations, Digital service and PR&Creative development.

Visit their website here.

3. Alternative Adverts Ltd

Alternative Adverts Network Services Ltd is an online advertising and development company, also foremost online advertising company in Africa. This is based on research.

Visit their website here.

4. Gems Communications Ltd

Gems Communications Ltd is said to be an indigenous outdoor advertising company. According to them, they have been duly incorporated to deliver world standard integrated marketing and communication services to discerning clientele in Nigeria and beyond.

It’s a company based on hi-tech  that has all of its operations fully computerized.

Visit their website here.

5. Wetherheads Advertising Group.

Wetherheads is a truly integrated agency with good experience in all areas of brand development.

They have the strategic talents and intelligence to provide big-picture thinking while offering strategy, breakthrough creative and branding.

With result-driven media exploitation to connect with consumers on an emotional level so as to find the right voice for your products, and build strong brand equity.

Visit their website here.

6. Adhubbing

Adhubbing is one of the best advertising agencies in Nigeria. They offer digital marketing solutions and billboard advertising.

Also, they create a good business website that drives traffic and customers. connect with users across multiple online traffic channels and deliver them to your website.

Visit their website here.

7. Ellae Creative

Ellae is an award winning integrated creative agency. Since they came live in 2011, they’ve been in the business of creating, growing, building and reviving both Nigerian and international brands.

Ellae also deliver mouth-watering marketing results. They do everything from advertising, campaigns, direct packaging, POS, identity and brand communications through to social media, apps, SEO, websites, face-to-face etc.

They’re very proud to have built a reputation for being very effective, creative, easy to work with and good value for money.

Most importantly, they give their clients exactly what they want every day.

Visit their website here.

8. Kong Marketing Agency

Kong is a Marketing agency based in Lagos, offering online and offline services in Nigeria.

They’ve worked with companies, NGOs, celebrities and political organizations in Nigeria to grow their brand.

Their Digital marketing Services include Social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, Facebook ads, Google AdWords & email marketing.

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Their offline marketing Services include Billboard advertising, media planning & media buying, Outdoor advertising, print advertising (newspapers/magazines).

Industries which Kong marketing have worked with include Real estate, FMCG, Insurance , Technology, Banking, Agriculture and manufacturing.

They’re a proud Nigerian company with successfull campanies in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan port Harcourt.

Visit their website here.

9. Softhills Media – Digital Marketing Agency

Softhills Media is a digital marketing agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. They help businesses grow revenue by providing online marketing strategies and services such as website design & development, SEO, Social Media, PPC, Email Marketing, Traffic Generation, Conversion Optimization & other digital marketing services.

They’re a digital agency creating experiences that connect, marketing that performs, and branding that inspires.  They’ve helped hundreds of clients improve organic search visibility since 2013.

Visit their website here.

10. iDigital Space

iDigital Space is proudly a result-focused Digital Marketing Agency based in Nigeria. They’re the top and leading full-service digital marketing agency based in Nigeria that provides a data-driven approach of digital marketing solutions and strategies for business growth.

They’re a squad of curious, empathetic, and optimistic young innovators; who agree on the same values and have passion about attaining an exceptional result for their clients.

Their Mission: Helping businesses deliver digital experiences people love and buy.

 Vision: To build a platform that delivers customer-centric and data-driven experiences focused on growing business consistently.  And an organization where people with good visions would love to work.

Core Value: They work diligently, with integrity and consistentlly in growing businesses and helping them achieve their goals.

Visit their website here.

Conclusion on top 10 advertising agencies in Nigeria 2021.

Above are the top 10 advertising agencies in Nigeria based on research. So make sure to make a research too before you do business with them.

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