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Affiliate marketing vs adsense, which one really make more money than the other? Affiliate marketing and google adsense are both great ways to monetize your blog. But affiliate marketing or or adsense, which will you focus more to make more money from your blog. In this article, we will compare affiliate marketing and google adsense and see which one you should really focus more to make more money from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Adsense: What Do They Mean?

Before we start our comparison between affiliate marketing vs Adsense, let us first know what they really mean. What is the meaning of affiliate marketing and what is the meaning of Adsense?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

I have already written an article on affiliate marketing in my previous article, in case you are new to affiliate marketing, make sure to read my post on definite to affiliate programs so that you will understand clearly what affiliate marketing / program really is. Let me just tell you a bit on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where by you sell another person’s products or services and in return, you get a commission. That is exactly what affiliate marketing is. Make sure to read the definite guide to affiliate marketing before you continue reading this article on affiliate marketing vs adsense, which one makes more money.

What Is Adsense?

Google adsense is an ad network owned by Google which lets publishers make money by just allowing google to advertise on their websites. Adsense is the best ad network so far which has earned it’s publishers much profit.

Now that we know exactly what affiliate marketing and adsense is, let us now compare affiliate marketing vs adsense. Affiliate marketing vs adsense, which makes more money?

Affiliate Marketing Vs Adsense:

Let us compare affiliate marketing vs adsense now.

  • It is much easier to get into affiliate marketing than it is to get an approved adsense account.
  • Affiliate marking actually pays more than adsense.
  • In affiliate marketing, you can make money from affiliate marketing without a blog., but in adsense, a blog is very necessary to show your ads, you can also show ads  on your YouTube videos or app.
  • In affiliate marketing, you can receive your payments in many ways which include paypal, direct bank deposit, payoneer, etc., but you can not receive your adsense payments through these means.
  • You can join many affiliate marketing companies but adsense is only managed by Google.
  • Affiliate marketing ads are more attractive and generate more money than Google Adsense.

In the affiliate marketing vs adsense comparison, it is noted that affiliate marketing is more lucrative and can generate more money than Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Adsense: Conclusion.

Affiliate marketing vs adsense, which makes more money? There is no doubt that affiliate marketing can earn more money than Google Adsense. Affiliate marketing vs adsense comparison said it all. Now affiliate marketing vs adsense, which one is generating more money for you ? Leave your answers in the comment section. You can also ask questions on any thing.

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