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What are affiliate programs?

This is the question which I have heard people always ask. If you are asked the question,  what are affiliate programs?  what will your answer be?

OK, see my own definition of affiliate programs below.

Affiliate programs
Affiliate program

Affiliate programs are those programs that allow people to participate in promoting and selling of products and services.  In this method of marketing, you will make money by taking advantage of another person’s products or services.  You do not need to have your own product or services.

In affiliate marketing,  there are commissions set to give the affiliate marketers on successful selling any product or service.



Affiliate marketing is a very good business idea if you don’t have your own products to sell.  Even if you have your own product to sell,  affiliate program will give you more profit.


Affiliate programs have dominated the internet marketing world because it gives room for people make more money without creating a product of their own. Have you ever seen people advertising and promoting a product or service which you know that they are not the owners of the products and services. If you have seen a thing like that,  they are not just advertising it just for fun, no,   they are promoting it because If any sale is been recorded as the result of their promotion,  they will be paid a commission.



Affiliate programs
Affiliate program

2 Basic things to know about affiliate programs.

In affiliate marketing ,  there are two basic things to know, they are listed below.

  1.  Affiliate link and
  2.  Affiliate banner

What is affiliate link  in affiliate programs ?

Affiliate link is a unique tracking link which is used in affiliate programs to track visitors and sales. Product owners use affiliate link to track the visitors sent to them by their affiliate marketers,  it is used to track sale referred by the affiliates.

What is affiliate banner?

Affiliate banner is a promotion banners created by the products owners to help their affiliates make their advertising and promoting very easy. In affiliate programs, affiliate banners are very important for easy promotion.


This is used by bloggers, you will need to paste the affiliate banners on your blog.

So in affiliate programs, affiliate links and banners are two basic thing to know.

Three major roles in affiliate marketing

There are three major roles in affiliates program,  look at them below :

  1.  Product owner (the owner of the business)
  2.  Affiliates(that is affiliate marketers) and
  3.  Buyers / consumers (the people that buys your affiliate product)

How affiliate program works

Hey, I will like to show you exactly how affiliate program works. Based on the roles in affiliate program, I will explain to you how each of them work.

The owner of the the product:


The owner of the product is the one that owns the product or service, it can be in form of eBook, software etc.


Affiliates are the ones that are interested in promoting and selling the products which the owner has created.



The people that buys the products which the affiliates promotes.

See the typical example of how affiliate program works below.

Mr John has a product which he wants people to help him sell the product very fast.

Mr James applied to help him {Mr John} to sell his product.

Mr David saw a product promoted by Mr James and he bought the product from Mr James.

Mr John pays a commission to Mr James for the sale he made.

So,  above is the example of how affiliate program works .

There are two ways which affiliate program operates. Below are the two ways which affiliate program operates.

Two ways in which affiliate program operates.

  • Sales affiliate program and
  • Referral affiliate program

What is sales affiliate program?

Sales affiliate program are those affiliate programs that pay affiliates for referring sales.  People need to buy your affiliate products before you will be paid a commission.

What is referral affiliate program ?

Referral affiliate programs are those affiliate programs that pay affiliates for just referring members to join an affiliate program . You don’t need to sell any product, just to refer people and earn money.

What is the difference between sales affiliate programs and referral affiliate program?

The difference between sales affiliate programs and referral affiliate programs are:

Sales affiliate programs requires you to sell products or services before you are paid a commission while referral affiliate programs requires you to get people to register for a program and get a commission.


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How to join any affiliate program

Like you already know,  affiliate marketing is all about selling another person’s products or services and in return you get a commission. Before you join any affiliate program, the first step you need to take is to

make a thorough research about the particular affiliate program which you want to join.

Take your time to discover how it works.

You can consider reading their terms and conditions to know exactly how they pay their commission.

Once you are done with your thorough research about the affiliate program which you want to join.

The next thing you should do is to go straight to their affiliate registration page and register your account.

If your account is not activated immediately,  then you need to wait till you are approved to become an affiliate.


Affiliate programs are said to be the promoting and selling another person’s products or services and in return you get a commission.

According to Neilpatel, he said :

For 99% of people, affiliate marketing is how they get started.

Read more about Neilpatel’s article on Affiliate marketing made simple: A- step-by-step-guide


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