Afrigold Review : Is this Another Scam Platform? (Read This Now)


Afrigold review. Is afrigold legit or scam. Is this another scam platform in Nigeria?.

Many online businesses are emerging every single day,  but most of them do not have a good mindset. The owners purposely create their platforms just to scam their fellow human being.

So in this Afrigold review, we’ll give our own review so you know if it’s actually legit or scam. Make sure you don’t skip any word.

In the past, platforms like this has come and gone leaving people in total heartbreak. Honestly,  this is a total wickedness to mankind.

You won’t blame the people that joined those platforms because everyone is looking for ways to survive.

What is Afrigold? (Afrigold review)

Afrigold is a crypto platform where you can mine cryptocurrencies. Before you can start mining with Afrigold,  you’ll have to register an account with them and buy a membership package.


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How does afrigold work? (Afrigold review)

Like we how said,  it’s a crypto mining platform where you can start mining. But you have to register with them and buy a membership package.

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Afrigold packages and how to make money with Afrigold

There are different packages which you can choose from. Below are the different packages on afri gold platform.

1. Musk Package

Fee for registration : 3,000 Naira

Welcome bonus :400 Naira

Hourly mining : 15 Naira

Trendposts :150 Naira

Daily earnings :510 Naira

Weekly earnings : 25,780 Naira

Monthly earnings : 11,280 Naira

Minimum withdrawal : 10,000 Naira

2 .Pentium package

Fee for registration : 5,000 Naira

Welcome bonus :800 Naira

Hourly mining  : 50

Trendposts :250 Naira

Daily earnings :1,650 Naira

Weekly earnings : 18,550 Naira

Monthly earnings : 34,200 Naira

Minimum withdrawal : 10,000 Naira

3. Skyway package

Fee for registration : 10,000 Naira

Welcome bonus :800 Naira

Automatic mining : 2,650 Naira

Trendposts : 500 Naira

Daily earnings : 3,150 Naira

Weekly earnings : 22,500 Naira

Monthly earnings : 75,200 Naira

Minimum withdrawal : 15,000 Naira

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Is afrigold legit or scam (Afrigold review)

Now before we go into conclusion and tell you if Afrigold is legit or scam,  we want to point out something to you. Remember we’re giving our honest afrigold review.

If you go to their website,  there’s an inscription that they wrote “it will never crash because there would always be enough funds to mine and earn”.

This kind of statement already make this platform suspicious. This means that they actually have in mind of running away with people’s money,  who knows.

People that trust their business will never use that kind of statement to their users. Once you see that word called scam,  you’ll start thinking otherwise.

Again,  according to our afrigold review,  we want to point out another thing here.

If you check the address they stated as their head office,  it doesn’t make any sense at all. They did not point out any specific address. They said their head office is this, Lagos 125666, NG.

Then here is another fact. This is a cryptocurrency mining which is supposed to be worldwide. Why is it programmed for Nigerians?.

Before we conclude this afrigold review,  we want to let you know that antusdt followed the same business model and they have crashed.

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Conclusion on afrigold review

The fact that this platform is paying for now doesn’t make it legit. If time is not taken,  it may also end up like antusdt. So we’ll only advise you to invest the amount of money you can afford to loose.

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