Amazon Shipping To Nigeria – How To Ship From Amazon

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Amazon shipping to Nigeria,  is it really possible to ship from amazon?  How does it work?.

With more than a hundred million visitors daily, Amazon is one of the most popular and recognized online markets worldwide.

Most people often ask questions about Amazon shipping to Nigeria, we’ve decided to tell how to get your goods delivered to your home in Nigeria.

Amazon Shipping To Nigeria : Does Amazon ship to Nigeria?

Is Amazon shipping to Nigeria possible? You can’t just buy any product sold on it with direct shipping to your home. This can’t be possible in many situations.

Ship from amazon
Ship from amazon

Shipping to Nigeria is a complicated question because Amazon is not just a single seller. It is a big online mall with thousands of sellers from the USA, the UK, Canada, some African countries, Europe, and other parts of the globe.

And all sellers have their own shipping policy which can be only limited to the United States of America, the United Kingdom or other parts of the world.

Moreover, when you find something at a good price or what interests you the most and wish to use Amazon delivery to Nigeria, you might be upset if the seller does not ship to Nigeria.

In the same time, you might see a seller who can guarantee Amazon delivery to Nigeria.



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This kind of shipment (if it is direct) can take a long time to reach you.

According to, those Nigerians who have tried making direct purchases on this platform and asking the seller to ship the product right to Africa via FedEx or other mail company assure that it can take around 12 days or more to get your products.

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Besides, such international shipping can be very expensive and even cost more than the product itself.

How to ship from Amazon to Nigeria

When it comes to Amazon international shipping, it is important to find out the best way of making international purchases. And also receiving your products at your home in Nigeria.

Below are the most popular methods of Amazon delivery to Nigerians houses:

Method 1. Ask the seller to ship to Nigeria

This can be the easiest method; however, it don’t guarantee that the seller would fulfill your request with pleasure.

Most U.S. sellers and non-U.S. users who offer their products on Amazon don’t agree to send anything to Nigeria. In such case you should select a different shipping option.

If the seller agrees to ship to Nigeria, you should then ensure your shipping address is trusted and good. Your shipment would finally reach you. It could also cost way too much for you to use FedEx or other international shipping company to ship items to your home.

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Below is what you can do to use this method:

👉Visit the official Amazon website.

👉In the top left corner choose your shipping country as ‘Nigeria.’

👉Now when you look at the products and search through the platform you will find a message whether your goods can be shipped directly to Nigeria or not.

👉It will say ‘eligible for shipping to Nigeria’ or ‘not eligible.’ Make a purchase and have it shipped directly to your home.

Method 2. Use a forwarding company to ship your items

There are various forwarding companies that have their warehouses in the United States of America. They give a free virtual shipping address (it is usually your personal suite number at the company’s warehouse) to foreign customers. And this offers you an easy opportunity to make purchases on Amazon as if you were the resident of any of the States in America.

Every seller who are present on the U.S. Amazon platform are happy to ship almost everything within the USA, and thus you can have your goods shipped to your address.

Later you can combine all your shipments into one big parcel and have it sent to you in Nigeria.

Users who know how to ship from Amazon to Nigeria using freight forwarding services enjoy cheaper rates in shipping if compared to using FedEx or other mail companies for each purchase made on Amazon.

You can make use Aramex, Borderoo, Hont Global Services or another firm that offers you a virtual address in the USA and allows making purchases all across the country without any issues.

It may cost approximately 4-5 U.S. dollars per pound to ship your goods from the USA to Lagos (Nigeria) using a forwarding company.

P.S. know that Amazon shipping to Nigeria might not be possible to some categories of products. For example, it is impossible to ship flammable products or something that is restricted from being shipped internationally.

While individual sellers might not know what they can or can’t ship to you, freight forwarding companies always have a list of eligible products for shipping to Nigeria. You are highly advised to read the list carefully before purchasing anything online.

As you can see, Amazon shipping to Nigeria is possible, it is even popular in our country.

Most people prefer making online purchases and even saving their money by shopping in the USA, where Amazon is the biggest online market.

For some goods, you can tell sellers to ship directly to your home address in Nigeria, for other products, you can only work with freight forwarding companies.

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Amazon shipping to Nigeria is actually possible. Follow the steps above and get it done.

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