Beginner Blogging Tips -15 Actionable Tips [2022]

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If you’re still new to blogging, this beginner blogging tips will help you become a better blogger.

In this post, you’ll also see the things I wish I knew before starting a blog. So read this post till the end and know everything about blogging.

Before we continue, it’s important we discuss a little, what blogging is. So, let’s get started.

What is blogging

what is blogging
what is blogging

Blogging is said to be the process of writing contents using an online platform called a blog. This is our own simple definition of blogging.

So as a blogger, you also make money from your blog via different monetization channels. We’ll talk more about this later in this article.

Is blogging profitable or waste of time?

Blogging is profitable and at the same time, a waste o time. We’ll explain.



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If you plan your blog before starting it, it’ll surely become profitable but if you don’t plan it well, it’ll be a waste of time for you.

Before starting your blog, you need to specify your niche and how you plan to monetize your blog. These two factors are very important for new bloggers and it’s important you plan them very well.

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Now here is a typical example of this, you’re running an entertainment blog and selling a digital product on your entertainment blog. You’ll probably not make a sale because your blog audiences are all interested in anything entertainment.

So, as an entertainment blogger, your monetization method should be ads network like Google adsense or any other ads network. You can also get people to pay you to promote their music on your blog.



Hope you now have a clear understanding of what we’re talking about here.

Things I wish I knew before starting a blog

When I was starting my blogging journey, I was not aware of the power of top level domain extension like .com. I never knew that there are more benefits to get when using a top level domain extension like .com domain.

For example, if you want to target the global community, a .com domain will help you do that easily. But this is no longer an issue for me because I already have another blog with a .com domain extension.

Beginner blogging tips – How to start a blog the proper way

  • #1. Do a proper research about blogging

Blogging is not what you will just jump in and start doing it. You need to take your time and read some blogging tips online. Make sure you have a clear understanding on what blogging is.

do proper blogging research
do proper blogging research
  • #2. Decide why you want to start blogging

This is very important because this will help you determine the blogging niche you’ll go for. Now ask yourself, do you want to blog for fun, to make money online, to promote your existing business, for sharing your knowledge about a specific topic.

Once you determine why you want to start a blog, then you can now choose your blogging niche.

  • #3. Choose a blog niche

This is your area of concentration in blogging. You need to specify your blogging interest. Know the type of audience surrounded in that niche. This will help you focus on creating articles for a specific set of audience.

  • #4. You must have passion for your blogging niche

Now pay attention here because it’s very important. When you’re choosing your blogging niche, ensure you choose an interest you’re passionate about. If you do otherwise, you’ll definitely fail.

If you choose an interest you know about, you’ll never regret starting a blog. You’ll enjoy your blogging journey.

  • #5. Set your goals

You need to set a goal. You can decide how much you would like to earn from your blog every month. This will help you work towards your goal. It’s one of the beginner blogging tips you should keep in mind.

  • #6. Pick the right domain name for your blog

Ensure you pick the right domain name for your blog. Your domain name should be related to your blogging niche. This will also help search engines to understand your blog better.

If you want to choose a domain name, we recommend you use a site called Open the website and type in any keyword related to your niche; it’ll give you some domain recommendations to choose from. You can also use the filter option to filter only one domain extension like .com.

  • #7. Register your domain name and hosting with the best web hosting service

Now is the time to buy your domain name and web hosting for your blog. You can get your domain and hosting from bluehost using this link. Bluehost has all you need for your blog to be online.

  • #8. Install wordpress to your domain name

After buying your domain and hosting from bluehost, the next thing is to install wordpress to your domain name. Read how to install wordpress on bluehost cpanel.

Note: If you want your blog to grow fast and start making you money, use wordpress. Do not use free blogspot blog. If you use free blogspost blog, you won’t have full control over your blog. Also, you’ll find it difficult to SEO optimize your blog contents.

install wordpress to your domain
install wordpress to your domain
  • #9. Choose a good and fast theme for your blog

You can now choose a theme for your new blog. You need to pick a theme that loads fast and is mobile friendly too. Astra and Neve are good free ones.

  • #10. Install important plugins

WordPress plugins help to add more functionality to your wordpress blog. Go ahead and install some plugins like Yoast SEO, jetpack, classic editor, etc. You can check the important wordpress plugins for your blog.

  • #11. Setup your post permalinks

This is very important for new bloggers. How your post url displays is very essential for your SEO. You should set it to display the post name. To do that, login to your admin area, go to settings, permalinks, select post name, then save changes.

  • #12. Create the required pages

There are basic pages you need to create for your blog. Such as the about us page, contact us, privacy policy, etc. These pages are very important for your blog.

  • #13. Add your website and sitemap to Google search console

How To Submit your blog to search console – Beginner blogging tips

  1. While logged in to your Google account, visit Google search console website here
  2. Click the start now button
  • Click add property
  1. Type in the full url of your blog, for example
  2. Click the add button
  3. Then verify your domain following the instructions given to you

Now, you will need to submit your sitemap to search console.

How To Submit Your Sitemap To Search Console

If you’ve installed the Yoast SEO plugin, it’ll automatically create a sitemap for your blog.

To get your sitemap, login to your admin dashboard, click on SEO, click on general, in the Yoast SEO general settings, click on the features tab, click the question mark for the XML Sitemap feature, you’ll see the link to your Sitemap. Click to visit it, and then copy it.

  1. Login to your search console dashboard
  2. From the left menu, select your blog
  • From the left menu, click on sitemaps under the index section
  1. The sitemap page will appear under add a sitemap
  2. Enter the link to your sitemap. Note, only enter the link after your domain name
  3. Then click the submit button

You have submitted your sitemap successfully.

  • #14. Make keyword research

You need to make keyword research before you write any post on your blog. There are free keyword tools which you can use for your keyword research. You make use of h-super tool for your keyword research, it’s free to use. You can also make use of Google auto suggest and auto complete for your keyword research. Read how to use Google for SEO and improve organic SEO traffic.

#15. Start writing your blog posts

Now is the time to start writing your blog posts.  You need to write as many post as possible because Google love fresh contents.

Conclusion on beginner blogging tips

Here is a recap on all we’ve said about blogging tips for beginners and how to start a blog the proper way

  • Do proper research about blogging
  • Decide why you want to start blogging
  • Choose a blogging niche
  • Have passion for your blogging niche
  • Set your goals
  • Pick the right domain name for your blog
  • Register your domain and hosting with the best web hosting service
  • Install wordpress to your domain name
  • Select a good theme
  • Install important plugins
  • Setup your permalink
  • Create your blog pages
  • Add your website and sitemap to Google search console
  • Make keyword research
  • Write your blog posts

Hope you enjoyed this post, kindly share with your friends on social media. Don’t forget to leave your comment below in the comment section.

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