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PiggyVest is one of the best investment platform in Nigeria 2021. With PiggyVest,  you can make an investment and also save money using the PiggyVest app. PiggyVest review.

Apart from investing and saving money with PiggyVest,  We’ll be showing you how to make money online in Nigeria using PiggyVest app.

What is PiggyVest app – Best investment platform in Nigeria 2021

PiggyVest app is used to make investments from different industries. Another thing you can use PiggyVest to do is to save your money in the app. The most interesting part of this is that you can still make good money online in Nigeria from PiggyVest app.

How does PiggyVest work and how to register on PiggyVest

Do you know why PiggyVest is the best investment platform in Nigeria?. It’s not like most of these scam online investment platforms in Nigeria like Racksterli, Elancie, Mybonus2u, etc.

So this is how PiggyVest app works. You register an account on Piggy Vest, verify your account and complete at least 3 to do list you’ll see on your dashboard. Once that’s done,  you’ll receive a registration bonus of 1000 naira which will be added your PiggyVest flex account.

If you’re asked to enter a referral code, copy and paste this referral code. 12b23065881019


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How to make money from PiggyVest as one of the best investment platform in Nigeria

Do you know that you can actually make real money from PiggyVest app?. Yes, this app offers a great opportunity to make money online in Nigeria.

PiggyVest referral program lets earn whooping 1000 naira for each person that joins them using your link. This is a whole lot of money to grab my dear.

Now,  let’s assume that you have 200 friends and all of them start using Piggyvest app through your link.  You’ll make whooping 200,000 naira absolutely for free😀. Can you see how interesting this is?.

Please Note : After your registration with this link and my referral code here,  12b23065881019, you’ll have to follow the instructions you’ll see in your dashboard to complete your account and collect your 1000 naira bonus. You can WhatsApp me for guidance after your registration with the link and referral code above,  08100779150.

As one of the best investment platform in Nigeria,  we’ll show you how to invest on the app and also how to save your money in there.

How to invest your money on PiggyVest app – best investment app / platform in Nigeria

After your successful registration on Piggy Vest app and completion of your to do-list, you can now start investing. To invest,  follow the steps below:

  • From your homepage,  click on the invest tab.
  • Click on the invest now tab.
PiggyVest review
How to invest on PiggyVest – PiggyVest review
  • Now,  click on any industry where you want to invest your money into and invest.

PiggyVest review

If the share has been sold out, they’ll tell you that it has been sold out.  They’ll give you other recommendations where you can invest in.

How to save your money on PiggyVest app

Aside being one of the best investment platform in Nigeria,  you can as well save your money in this app.

Like we told you earlier,  you can save your money using this app. Sometimes we have money in our possessions which we intend to use for a particular project.  The worst thing that can happen to you is to spend that particular money.

You can avoid spending the money by saving it in PiggyVest app. All you need to do is to create a safelock, this will lock your money for any specific period you select.

At the end of the specified period,  your money will be released to you. You’ll even get your interest before your specified period. To create a safelock, follow the steps below:

  • From your dashboard,  click on savings
  • Click on safelock and then follow the process to create a safelock.

Best investment platform in Nigeria

Is PiggyVest Legit or scam – PiggyVest Review

PiggiVest app is a very legit app and not a scam. This is the reason why it’s one of the best investment platform in Nigeria. So if you are looking for a legit investment platform in Nigeria, then PiggyVest is on of the best investment platform in Nigeria.

Conclusion on the best investment platform in Nigeria (PiggyVest Review)

PiggyVest is legit investment and savings app in Nigeria.  You can also make a lot of money online in Nigeria from their referral program.

If you have not registered your account,  click here and create your free account. Then, complete at least 3 to do list on your dashboard and get a registration bonus of 1,000 naira.

Important notice : We only use PiggyVest to save money and make money online in Nigeria,  We don’t use it to invest money. Our main focus is to make money from PiggyVest.

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