Business You Can Start With 200K In Nigeria


These are the list of business you can start with 200k in Nigeria. If you’re looking for the businesses which you start with 200k in Nigeria.

A lot of Nigerians are looking the business which they can start with 200k. Starting up a business these days are sometimes costly, that’s why people are finding it difficult to start up their desired business.

Now,  let’s see the list of businesses you can start with 200k in Nigeria.

List of business you can start with 200k in Nigeria

1. Repairing of mobile phones

Mobile phone repairs are one of the businesses you can start with 200k in Nigeria. Once you learn the skill of repairing mobile phones,  all you need to start is a shop you’ll rent for your business. Then your little capital which may be under 200k.

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2. Car wash services

Car wash can be a lucrative business for you in Nigeria. All you need is a strategic position for rendering your services.


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With under 200k, you can startup a car wash business but you need to ensure that you’re not in a position where there are lot of competitors because your budget may not stand the completion.

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3. Interior Designing

Interior designing is one of the business you can start with 200k in Nigeria.  The major thing you need is the skill,  then a small start up capital.

4. Temporary restaurant (Mama put)

Temporary restaurant,  popularly known as mama put is a business you can start with 200k in Nigeria. This kind of business is very powerful in Nigeria and mostly done by women.

5. Barbing Salon business

Barbing salon is another business you can start with 200k in Nigeria or even below 200k, depending on your pocket.

In fact,  this is a business that is neglected by people,  yet it’s putting food on people’s table. So if you want a small scale business in Nigeria you can start 200k or below,  you can consider a barbing salon.

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6. Dry cleaning services

This is another business you can start in Nigeria with the budget of 200k or below. People love looking clean and they are willing to pay for it, especially those that don’t have time for washing their clothes.

Conclusion on the business you can start with 200k

There are other businesses in Nigeria which you can start with a budget of 200k or below,  if the ones listed here is not in your interest,  you can make more research.

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