DOMAINKING HOSTING – How To Host On Domain king Hosting

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Domainking hosting in Nigeria. Domain king hosing is the best hosting company in Nigeria.

I have used Domainking hosting for years now and I can testify that domain king hosing is really wonderful.

As a matter of fact,  this blog,  affiliatecashsystem is hosted on Domainking.

In this article,  I will tell you steps on how to host your wordpress website using domainking.

Let me tell you one thing, if you really want to make money online,  a blog is a must have. That is you must own a blog,  wordpress blog precisely.

If you own a wordpress website,  you will have total control of it unlike blogger blog.

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I will try to make this domain king hosing very comprehensive.  You will understand exactly how to host your website your self without someone’s help.

The good thing about Domainking hosting is that they will give you a free domain name and free ssl certificate.



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Now,  see the steps below o how to host your wordpress blog on Domainking. 


The first thing you should do is to click here and go straight to Domainking homepage. (make sure you click directly on the link)

Click the menu tab.

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Domainking hosting
Domainking hosting

Then click hosting.

Domain king hosting
Domainking hosting

Scroll down to web hosting, then click learn more.

Domain king hosting
Domainking hosting plan

The next thing is to select any package you want, then click order now. I’m making use of the second plan as example. Choose any one you want.  Make sure to select how many years you want.  I recommend 1 year.

Domain king hosting
Domainking hosting

In the next step,  you will choose your domain name. Remember,  you will get free domain name if you want a extension. Then make sure you don’t uncheck the first box. Then click the (click to continue button.)


The next step,  select the domain you want, then click to continue.

Domain king hosting
Domain king

Confirm your selections then click add to cart.

Domain king hosing
Domainking hosting in Nigeria

Select dns management. You can also select the ID protection if you want, but it’s not free.

Domain king
Domainking hosting

Fill in your registration details, then click complete order.

Best hosting company in Nigeria
Domainking hosting in Nigeria

On the next page,  choose any payment method you want to use to make payment.

Once you pay,  your account will be registered immediately, then your registration details will be sent to your email address.

You will also receive your cpanel details in your email address.  You will use the cpanel details to install wordpress.

Below is the screenshot of the email you will get. 

The email will contain all your cpanel details. 

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Hosting account information
Hosting account information

Now,  let’s install wordpress to our domain name. Below are the steps to install wordpress.

Once you open your email and find your registration details above. Copy your cpanel username and password.

Then open your cpanel. The easiest way to access your cpanel is this. 

Type in the URL of your blog and add /cpanel.

For example,  if your domain name is, go to your browser, type in

Hope you understand now😍

Login with your username and password which you copied from your email.


Scroll down to softaculous installer, then click on wordpress.

Softaculous installer
Softaculous installer

Then click install button.

Install wordpress

Now, setup your software.

Select https from the second drop down.

Then,  the next step,  select your domain name.

In directory,  leave it empty.

Now under site name,  enter the name of your website, in site description,  enter the description of your site. 


Don’t check the MPMU. 

Then,  choose your admin details,  username,  password and email.(email can be your gmail). You will use this username and password to login to your admin area to create posts.


Don’t select anything here.


Click install.


Once you click the install button,  wordpress will be successfully installed to your domain name.  Congrats😍 

You can now login to your admin dashboard.

Conclusion On Domainking Hosting 

Domainking hosting in Nigeria is a very good hosting company. Host your site on Domainking.

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