Earn Money From WhatsApp: How To Make Money From WhatsApp

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Do you want to earn money from WhatsApp. In this post,  I will show you strategic ways to make money using WhatsApp in Nigeria.

WhatsApp has become a very great tool which you can use to make money online.

Even if you are in India,  United States, Nigeria, Canada, United Kingdom,  Philippines. Even in any part of the country, you can earn money from WhatsApp.

Earn money from WhatsApp
How to Earn money from WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the tool that is used daily, and it has a very good open rate.  This means that if you send message to someone on WhatsApp,  they will surely open it to read your message. Unlike email address.

What you need to earn money from WhatsApp

Below are the basic things you need to earn money from WhatsApp

  • An Android phone or smart phone
  • Internet connection
  • WhatsApp application
  • Audience
  • Affiliate marketing program

So,  If you really want to make money with WhatsApp, above are all you need to get started.



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Remember, this post is all about how to make money from WhatsApp. So I will be teaching you exactly how to get started.

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If you are reading this post now,  you already have an Android phone or smart phone. You also have an internet connection, and probably,  you also have WhatsApp application. In case if you don’t have a WhatsApp application,  download and install it from play store. If you prefer the WhatsApp business app,  you can download and install it from play store.

Then the next thing you should do is to join an affiliate program or you can call it affiliate network.

Below are the affiliate programs which you can join and earn money using WhatsApp

But,  the truth is this,  you can’t make money from affiliate program  unless you take a detailed affiliate marketing training. Which will train you on how to make real money from affiliate marketing business.

So if you really want to focus on making money with WhatsApp.  Take this free training that will teach you all the strategies which you will use to crush  affiliate marketing.

Joe Okoro is the creator of the course. Joe Okoro is a qualified and experienced affiliate marketer who earns huge profit using affiliate marketing.  He also teaches people how to do the same.

After taking the free training you will get good value from it.  Then if you want to get the full training that will teach you even more strategies. Strategies more than what you learnt from the free training. Go here and get instant access to the 14 days  full training.

Now,  how do you get audience to help you make money with WhatsApp 

If you take the free training on how to make money from whatsApp, you will see ways to get audience.

Apart from that,  I will still show you more ways to get audience and promote your affiliate products on WhatsApp.

Below are more interesting ways to get audience and earn money from WhatsApp.

👉Join affiliate marketing groups on Facebook

👉Create a WhatsApp group and invite people to join your affiliate marketing group. Read how to create one here.

👉Create a WhatsApp broadcast. For help on how to create a WhatsApp broadcast,  watch this video here

👉Create an account on Nairaland forum and advertise their to get audience.  Nairalaland is a very good place to get large number of audience.

Conclusion on how to earn money using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great tool to make money online,  follow the instructions in this post and earn money from WhatsApp.

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