Flowextra Review 2021 – Is Flowextra Legit Or Scam


If you don’t want to be another scam victim, you need to read this post till the end. In this post, we’ll give our honest Flowextra review. So if you’re asking if Flowextra.com is a legit platform or scam platform, this post will help you make a decision. Flow extra review.

Is Flowextra.com another good way to make money online in Nigeria?. Read our entire Flowextra review to find out if it’s another good make money online opportunity in Nigeria.

What is Flowextra all about?

Acording to them, Flowextra is a reputable news website, aiming at giving all individuals the best update on entertainment and also with an earning opportunity. According to them, they provide updates on what is happening in the country and across the country.

Flow extra

How Flowextra works

What you do on Flowextra to make moneyonline is to share sponsored posts on Facebook. According to them, you’ll be given directions on how to share their sponsored posts on Facebook.

You’ll need to download the post image and copy the text, then go to your Facebook timeline and upload the image and add the text, then publish. You’ll have to set your posts to be visible to public.

Flowextra registration {How to register on Flowextra.com}

If you want to register on Flow extra platform, you’ll need to purchase a Flowextra coupon code for your Flowextra registration. The coupon code is what you’ll use to register an account on the platform.It costs 2500 Naira to get the coupon code.


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How to buy a flowextra coupon code

To buy a flowextra coupon code, you’ll need to visit their vendors page, contact any of the Flow extra vendors and buy your coupon code. You’ll need to send them the 2500 Naira for the coupon to be sent to you. Once you get the coupon code, you caan go to their website to register, www.flowextra.com. So this is how to buy a coupon code on Flowextra.

  • Quick disclaimer: we’re not registered on Flowextra, this post is our honest Flowextra review. Also note that this post is not in any way promoting Flow extra or tagging it a scam platform.

Two ways to make money On Flow extra platform

On Flow extra, there are two main ways to make money online:

  • Making money from referring people
  • F.A.E {this includes sharing of post, commenting on posts etc.

What is F.A.E

F.A.E stands for Flowextra Activity Eanings.

How to withdraw your earnings on Flow extra

According to the owners of the platform, they stated that they pay affiliate earners daily with the minimum of 3,900 Naira. They will charge you 100 naira for transaction fee. While they pay F.A.E at the month end with the minimum earning of 10,000 FAE.

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How much is 10,000 FAE in Naira?

The equivalent of 10,000 FAE is 5000 Naira.

Flowextra is it legit or is it a scam platform?

Is flowextra legit or scam?. To answer this question, we’ll make reference to other platforms like this that have existed and crashed in the past. A typical example is team bulldozer income program. Tbd income program worked the same way with Flow extra platform. There’s no difference between them. We would say that Flow extra is a replica of tbd income program.

And one common thing about all these platforms that pay for sharing posts is that they do not last for a long time. We’ve tried most of them in the past and all of them disappointed us. They all crashed and if time is not taken, this platform will also go away in no time.

We’re not saying that Flowextra is a legit platform and we’re not also saying that it’s a scam platform. This is our honest Flowextra review. So make sure to make futher research before you take your decisions.

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Conclusion – Is Flowextra legit or scam

Flowextra said that they’re a reputable news website, aiming at giving all individuals the best update on entertainment and also with an earning opportunity. According to them, they provide updates on what is happening in the country and across the country.

We’ve already given you our own review on Flow extra, and you’ve gotten a clue on what it’s all about and how it works.

One thing you must have in mind is that all these type of platforms don’t last. Like we said earlier,  we’ve participated on most of them in the past and all of them failed.

You need to be very careful before joining any online business,  make more research about the platform before you go ahead to register.

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If you’re already registered on Flow extra, kindly share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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