Review : Is Legit Or Scam

0 review. In this post,  you’ll see our honest fundworld review. If you are asking,  is legit or scam, then,  read this entire post.

This is a recently launched make money online platform in Nigeria. People are looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria and that’s why these platforms are coming out.

In the past,  lot of make money online platforms has come and gone. Everyone is now trying to be more careful so they don’t become another scam victim.

So,  let’s see what this platform is and how it works.

What is : review

This is a new make money online platform in Nigeria that promise to pay people for completing simple tasks online. Such as sharing sponsored posts on social media and also referring people to the platform.

Make sure to read this review post till the end because we’re going to share our take on this new platform.


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How does work?

They claim to pay people for sharing sponsored posts on social media. They also claim to pay you if you refer people to join their platform. packages

Fundworld has 3 different packages to choose from for those that want to register on their platform. Below are the 3 different fund world packages:

1. Jolly : 1000 Naira

2. Jombo : 2000 Naira

3. Jombjol : 5000 Naira

So,  above are the 3 different packages on

How to earn from ( review) 

There are 2 different ways to make money from fund world.

  • Sponsored posts and activity earnings

What you do here is to login to your fundworld account daily and share sponsored posts on Facebook.

Jolly : Daily login = 100 Naira, Sponsored post,  you earn 400 Naira.

Jombo : Daily login =200 Naira,  Sponsored post = 800 Naira.

Jomjol : Daily login = 500 Naira, Sponsored post = 1000 Naira.

  • Referral earnings

You earn money by referring other people to register with fundworld. Below are how much you earn according to your package:

Jolly referral bonus : 50 Naira

Jombo referral bonus : 1000 Naira

Jombjol referral bonus : 3000 Naira

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How to register on ( review)

To register on this platform, you need to visit their website at, then contact any of their vendor and purchase a coupon code. And after that,  register your account. But before you register your account,  make sure to know our own review.

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To login to your account,  visit their login page. Then enter your details and login to your account.

Who is the owner of

The owner of this platform is not known. It’s likely that they don’t want to leave any trace in case something happens to the platform.

Is legit or scam?

Now here is what we have to say about this new platform.

This platform is totally new and it’s too early to determine if it’s legit or scam. But from our past experiences, these type of make money online platforms do not last. 

If you also look at their domain name, the domain name they used is not friendly for a platform like this.

We’re not against you registering with them, you are on total control of your decision. But you must have to be careful. This is our honest review.

We hope you enjoyed this post,  kindly share with your friends on social media. Don’t forget to leave your comments below in the comment section.

If you’re already using this platform, kindly share your experiences with us in the comment section. We want to hear from you.

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