Do you want to get paid on Nnu without referrals?  It is very possible to get paid on Nnu without referrals.

Do you want to make nnu income program a very lucrative business for you? that is a very good idea, but how can you achieve your goals hence nnu income only pays when you have a referral.

Update : Nnu version 2 has been launched. It is also called Nnu forum , no need for referral before you get paid.  Click here to learn how it works and how to join Nnu version 2

In this article you are going to learn how to get paid on Nnu without referrals.

I must tell you that nnu income program is a very lucrative online business in Nigeria which has helped a lot of Nigerians make money online, the most difficulties people face on Nnu is the referral aspect.

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How will you be able to bypass this referral aspect and get paid on Nnu without referrals?

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Here is the big secret,  for you to get paid on Nnu without referrals,  what you have to do is to make sure that you have earned the maximum amount of 20k through your nars activities,  that is by logging in and commenting on Nnu posts, posting your assigned sponsored post on your facebook timeline, etc.

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Nnu made it clear in their FAQ page that you can get paid once your nars earnings is up to 20k.

How to get paid on Nnu without referrals method 2.

Another way to get paid on Nnu without referrals is by selling your Nnu account.

Yea,  you can sell your Nnu account to make more money,  that is another way to make money from Nnu income program without any referrals.

I have a friend who do this to make more money from Nnu income program.

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Conclusion on how to get paid on Nnu without referrals. 

You now know that you can make money from Nnu income program without getting any referrals,  all you need to do is to work hard. If you have not joined Nnu income program,  click here to join Nnu income program

Note: This link will redirect you to TBD income program review. Nnu forum no longer pay.

Do you have any questions or contributions,  leave your comments below.


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  1. Nelson Enan says

    Make money online in Nigeria legitimately into your Nigeria bank account with NNU Income simply by login daily, reading and comment on news. With only a registration fee of #1600. Think wisely payout is every month

  2. Okefie Bridget says

    I want to sell my nnu account I need a buyer please

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      Hello Bridget, if you want to sell your nnu account, you can make use of the social media advertising such as posting it on facebook. That way, you can get someone to buy your Nnu account.
      Thank you.

  3. Gbemisola says

    when I c som1 to buy my a/c how do I transfer to him

  4. Benedict E.A says

    Good day Sir, trust you are fine.
    please can you give connect me or better still give me the contact of any buyer of NNU nars… i have upto #120,000 NARS. call/whasapp 08095625786 or 07039229672.

    As i anticipate your prompt and favourable response, be assured of my highest regards always.

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      Hello Benedict, I don’t know any body that buys nnu account. You can create a compelling article on facebook about it, you can possibly get a buyer to buy your Nnu income program account, Thank you

  5. Etm bassey says

    When I reach the maximum amount, would I be paid the exact amount which is 20,000?

    1. Omoregie destiny says

      Hello am destiny,nnu have changed but you can still use your nars earning with the new nnu trivia

  6. Gabriel says

    I purchase 2 coupon codes, when i was registering those i referred, i saw a message saying: Coupon Usage has exceed its limit.
    Nothing was credited to my acct and i’ve already paid for it.
    Pls. What do i do??

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      You should contact the person you bought the coupon from and lay your complains.
      Thank you.

  7. Anthony Daniel says

    Who would like to buy my account, I have 140k in it, email me let’s talk

  8. Destiny says

    Please sir have not been seeing sponsored post for the month of July 2019 on my nnu dashboard..
    What’s the cause?

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