How To Get Referrals Using Free EBook



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How to get referrals using free eBook in Nigeria. In this article,  you will see how to get referrals using free eBook.

Getting referral is one of the major problem people face while doing their online business.

If you want to make good money from any income program,  referral is what you need.

What is referral

It’s people that join your business when you introduce your business to them.

How to get referrals using free eBook

This is very simple. All you need to do is to get a free eBook,  send them to people, in return, you get their contacts.

Make sure to read to the end to get this simple strategy.

Where to get your free eBook

If you don’t know how to create an eBook, don’t worry.  I will show you how to get a free eBook online.

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You will see two free ways to get free eBook. Two of them are very effective.

Among the two ways,  the second one is more preferable.

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If you apply these two strategies,  it will help you to get referrals using free eBook.

Remember,  you should focus on building your audience which who will eventually join your business.

The first method is to create an eBook using an online PDF converter.You can make use of printfriendly to create an eBook online.

All you should do is to make a  Google Search and find any thing which you want to share.

Copy the link of the page,  paste it in the printfriendly website.Then click preview button.

Get referrals using free eBook
Get referrals using free eBook

Click PDF at the top of the page.

Get referrals
Get referrals

Then click the download button and download your PDF file.

Download PDF
Download PDF

That is all for the first method.

The second method is to get your free eBook from any plr (private label rights) website.

You can checkout freeplrdownloads and download your eBook for free.

How to get people who you will give out your free eBook to.

Now that you have your free eBook,  the next thing is where to get people to give out your eBook.

That’s simple, you can take advantage of and good audience.

I made a detailed post on how to make use of nairaland forum.  Read the article here.


You have just learnt how to get referrals using free eBook. All you need to do is to implement the strategy and see how it will work for you.

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