How Much Does tiktok Pay For 1000 Followers

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How much does tiktok pay for 1000 followers? Earnings for 1000 followers could be less than $150 if you have not been creating much content. Your earnings could increase to up to $2000 if you’re gaining popularity on TikTok and posting videos with good views. But mostly, your monetization strategy determines how much you earn apart from the creator fund.

How much money do you get for 1,000 followers on tiktok. In this post, you’ll see how much money you can make from tiktok. You’ll also see how to register on TikTok and how to get 1000 followers or even more.

Tiktok is one of the best social media to make money from. It’s popularity is increasing almost every day. If you want to make money online in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom or any part of the world, tiktok is a social media platform you should give a trial.

Before we dive in on how much tiktok pays for 1000 followers, let’s first know what you can use tiktok to do to make money online.

What Is Tiktok

Tiktok is a social media platform / app used to record and share short videos from 15 seconds long to 1 minute long. Tiktok has similarities with Vine.

Who Can Use Tiktok to record and share short videos?

Anybody from the age range of 18 and above can use tiktok to record and share videos. Off course you should know how to make use of a phone and its applications.



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How To Create Account On Tiktok

How Much Does tiktok Pay For 1000 Followers
create tiktok account

The first thing you should do is to go to Playstore and download the tiktok app.

Create your account easily with your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account. You can choose to create your account with your own email address, username and password. The bottom line is to create your account on tiktok.

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After creating your TikTok account, you have to edit your profile to make it a professional one.

To edit your TikTok profile, click on the “me” button in the bottom right corner,  then click on the “edit profile” button.  You can start by uploading your profile picture and adding your bio details.



Note, you have to make your TikTok bio very professional because that’s the first place your audience will look at once they land on your page. The bio section allows up to 80 characters, so ensure to cover the space up to 75 characters if not 80 characters.

If you also plan to drive traffic to your website, TikTok has a section where you can add a clickable link on the app. Once you add the link to your website, people will click and visit your website, thereby increasing your website traffic.

How To Record Your Short Videos On TikTok

  • #1. Click on the + icon
  • #2. Your camera will open in selfie mode
  • #3. Choose your video length and template
  • #4. You can also click on the GO LIVE tab to make your video
  • #5. Choose any of the video effects
  • #6. Select any good sound from the sound library
  • #7. Edit your video {Once you have finished recording or uploading your video, click the check mark to switch to video editor on TikTok}
  • #8. You can choose to add text to your video
  • #9. Add relevant #tags to your video
  • #10. Publish your TikTok video once you’re done editing the video

Now that you’ve set up your tiktok account and published your first video, you’ve just started your TikTok journey. For you to grow fast on this social media platform, you’ll need to publish videos consistently so that you’ll get 1000 followers or even more.

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How Can I Promote My TikTok Videos To Allow TikTok Pay Me For 1000 Followers

Basically, what you need to do is build a large audience who are interested in your videos. Once they’re engaging with your videos, they’ll definitely start following you on TikTok. If you publish videos consistently, it’ll help fasten the process.

Another good strategy you can use to promote your TikTok videos and get followers is by using the #tags correctly. You already know the type audience that you want to engage with, so use the #tags that define your audience. #tag usage is really a good way to promote your videos for free if you can target your audience well.

How Can I make Money From TikTok

We can say that there are basically 4 ways people use to make money from TikTok

  • They promote their business and get new clients
  • People promote their affiliate offers on TikTok and get affiliate sales
  • They do sponsorship for brands
  • TikTok users also make money from “TikTok creator fund”

When we talk about promoting their business to get new or more clients, they use this amazing social media to run their personal business. For example, If you have an e-commerce store, you can use TikTok to get people to patronize you.

Then on the promotion of the affiliate offers, they’re actually promoting other people’s products or services and get paid a commission. That’s all about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and TikTok can be a good traffic source for your affiliate offers.

So on the sponsorship aspect, companies and brands can pay you to talk about their business or product on your TikTok video, by doing that, you’ll make money.

Now on the creator fund aspect, you get paid directly by TikTok just like Google Adsense pays its publishers. TikTok pay you for your video views on the platform. If you’re getting lot of video views, you’ll make more money than people getting less views. You need to get a certain amount of followers to apply for TikTok Creator fund.

How Can I make Money From TikTok
How Can I make Money From TikTok

TikTok Requirement To Get Paid

For you to get paid by TikTok, that’s the creator fund, you’ll need to get at least 10,000 followers and 1 million likes to apply for the program. You must have also gotten 100,000 video views in the last 30 days. Another TikTok requirement to get paid is that you must be 18 years or older.

Frequently Asked Questions About TikTok


What Happens When I Get 1000 Followers On TikTok

TikTok doesn’t pay you for 1000 followers but you can make up to $2000 by promoting your affiliate products or by getting paid for sponsorship.

Can You Make Money On TikTok Without Creator fund

Yes, like we’ve mentioned earlier, you can make money on TikTok by promoting your own business, promoting affiliate offers and getting sponsorships. These are other ways you can make money on TikTik without creator fund.

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How Much Money Do You Get On TikTok For 1 Million Views

You can make between $0.02-$0.04 per every 1,000 views. This means that you’ll get around $15 for 500,000 views and $40-$50 for 1 million views.

How Much Money Do You Get On TikTok For 1 Million Likes

Getting 1 million likes is the first TikTok requirement to get paid. Basically, you get paid for views but your 1 million likes could help give your videos more exposure.

How Much Money Do You Get On TikTok For 1 Million Followers

In our opinion, we’ll say that there is no specified amount to be made on TikTok for 1 million followers. How much you make for 1 million followers totally depends on how you engage with your followers. You can also make more money if you’re promoting affiliate offers with high commission rate.

Conclusion On How Much Does TikTok Pay For 1000 Followers

In conclusion, how much do you get for 1,000 followers on tiktok? How much you earn on TikTok totally depends on how well you engage your audience. If you’re promoting an affiliate product, you’d probably make more money than focusing on the TikTok creator fund.

We hope you enjoyed this post, kindly share with your friends on social media for there is love in sharing. Don’t forget to leave your comment in the comment section below.

Now over to you. If you’re already making use of TikTok, kindly share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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