How To Dropship On Jumia : Dropshipping In Nigeria 2021


Do you want to learn how to dropship on Jumia in Nigeria?.  In this post,  we’ll cover everything about dropshipping in Nigeria on Jumia Nigeria.

You might have been hearing about dropshipping and how people are using it to make money online in Nigeria. You too can join the train if you wish to take drop shipping as a business.

Before we go into how to dropship on Jumia,  we’ll first look at what dropshipping in Nigeria means.

What is dropshipping in Nigeria

Dropshipping is a type of online business which lets you start a profitable e-commerce business without investing on or buying any product. This is the simple definition of dropshipping.

It’s called dropshipping in Nigeria because it’s an online business which Nigerian citizens can participate in.


How dropshipping in Nigeria works

Like we told you earlier in the beginning of this post,  you don’t need to have your own products or even buy any product.  Below is how dropshipping works:


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  • You partner with a company or seller who agrees to supply products to you whenever you want it.
  • Then you’ll create an online store where you’ll upload samples of the sellers products you wish to sell.
  • Advertise the products to get buyers who are interested in buying those products.
  • The customer orders for a product in your online store.
  • Go to the seller and order for the product.
  • The seller will now process and deliver the product to the buyer.

As you can see,  the seller is the one who handles everything. The only thing you do is to create an online store, upload product samples and promote it to get buyers.

Once a customer orders for a product,  you go to the sellers website and order for the product. The seller will handle the rest, both processing and delivering to the customer.

How to dropship on Jumia Nigeria

Now,  let’s face why we’re here which is,  how to dropship on Jumia. Before you can start dropshipping on Jumia Nigeria,  you need just three requirements.

  • Know your niche. You’ll need to find your niche.
  • You need a product supplier who will supply you with products
  • Then,  you also need a Jumia seller account.
How to dropship on Jumia
How to dropship on Jumia

A niche,  product supplier and a jumia seller account is all you need to dropship on Jumia Nigeria.

Finding your Niche 

You can’t just start selling anything,  you have to decide on the categories of product you want to sell. You can sell phones, phone accessories, computers,  women clothes, men clothes, Cosmetics, etc.

A product supplier

This is the company that supplies you with products whenever a customer make an order in your online store. You need to find a product supplier who you’ll work with.

Some people who dropship on Jumia Nigeria said that they find most of their product suppliers on Jiji online market place.  You can go ahead and try that too. But be sure to meet them one on one to confirm their authenticity.

How to dropship on Jumia – Create Jumia seller account

You now know what dropshipping in Nigeria is and all you need to start a drop shipping business in Nigeria. The next thing you should do is to create your Jumia seller account.

To create an account on Jumia as a seller / vendor,  you can go here after reading this post.

Jumia Nigeria
Jumia Nigeria

Once your seller account is approved,  you can now start uploading samples of the products which you want sell. You upload them in your Jumia seller dashboard which is your online store.

Start promoting your products

This process is what determines the profitability of your dropshipping business.You need to start advertising your store so as to get more customers to patronize you.

You can even consider paid advertising,  this will ensure you get enough people to buy what you’re selling.

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Is dropshipping in Nigeria profitable

Yes, dropshipping in Nigeria is very profitable,  but you need to put in more work for you to succeed in the business. If you don’t out enough work in the promotion aspect,  you may not make good money from dropshipping.

Conclusion on how to dropship on Jumia

Dropshipping in Nigeria requires no product of your own,  you only need an online store and a product supplier.

Find your niche, get a product supplier and create a jumia seller account and get started.

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If you’re already doing dropshipping on Jumia Nigeria,  please share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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