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How to get referrals from nairaland website. In this article, I will be showing you how to get referrals from nairaland.

Read this post till the end and discover this strategy.

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Nairaland forum is a website visited by millions of people daily.

It’s a forum website where you can create posts. You can take advantage of that to get more and more referrals to your income program.

How to get referrals from nairaland

Before we get into this, let me make this clear to you. 

What you should focus on  is building your audience.

Not everyone will be ready to join your business at the moment.

Once you keep in contact with them,  they will eventually join your business later.

So having said that,  let’s see how to build your audience and get referrals from nairaland.

The first thing you should do is to create account on nairaland. Click here and create your account for free.

After successful account creation, login to your account. Once you login to your account,  edit your profile and add your WhatsApp link.

What you are focusing is getting people to contact you on WhatsApp.

To edit your profile,  go to edit profile.

How to get referrals from nairaland
How to get referrals from nairaland

Then, scroll down to signature and add your WhatsApp link.

 get referrals from nairaland
How to get referrals from nairaland

If you don’t know how to get your WhatsApp link, edit and change this link to your number

After editing your profile,  then you can start creating posts on nairaland.

How to create post on

Login to your nairaland account

Select one category. I always select career.

Select a category
Get referrals from nairaland

Then scroll down a little and click create new topic.

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Create new topic
referrals from nairaland

Scroll down and start writing your post. You will see where to write your subject and the main content of your post.

How to get referrals
How to get referrals

Things to avoid while creating a post on nairaland

Your nairaland account will get banned if you violate their policies.

If you are creating a post,  don’t include any of your contact details.

Your contact details include,  phone number, email address, etc. Also avoid adding links to your post.

You already set up your signature with your WhatsApp link. It will show below all your post on nairaland.

Nairaland forum also have inbuilt email system where people can contact you directly with your registered email.

How to manage your audience

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Once people start contacting you on WhatsApp, you can create a WhatsApp broadcast to keep them engaged.

Or create a WhatsApp group and give them the link to join your group.

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Conclusion on how to get referrals from nairaland

Nairaland forum is a  very good website to get referrals and build your audience. Follow this instructions above and get it done.

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