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Learn how to promote a website with the help of seo.  It is not enough to create a website with fine content. You also need to promote it in search engines. Even if there is useful and interesting information on your pages, does it benefit much if no one reads it anyway? Website promotion helps everyone who has chosen the Internet as a means of generating income: the owners of online stores and information portals, bloggers and many others. In this article, you will learn how to promote a website.

How do I promote my website Seo?

What is the best way to do seo for your website?

How do I promote my website on Google ?

These are the common questions people always ask when searching for how to promote a website with the help of Seo.

To promote a website, you need to perform a whole complex of works, paying attention to every aspect of this procedure. Once it was enough to buy links or use other relatively simple methods, but modern search engines have become much smarter. It is quite difficult to promote a website on your own because you will have to pay attention to a variety of nuances. However, do not let that frighten you; the task remains completely solvable!



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The question of website promotion will always remain relevant. The principles of the search engines are constantly changing, but there are basic requirements that remain unchanged from the beginning of all popular search engines. Independent website promotion is a great way to save on the services of specialists, to gain useful skills, draw attention to the project and make a profit of it.

How To Promote A Website With The Help Of Seo

Making a semantic kernel

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            Semantic kernel (SK) is a set of words, word forms and phrases that most accurately characterize the scope of a site’s specialization. A correctly chosen semantic kernel is one of the key factors of self-promotion of the website.

There are two ways to solve the problem, which are automatic and manual.



The automatic option implies the use of special programs and reference aggregators. You register with the service, enter the URL of the website in the appropriate field, press the button and get the result. The system will analyze the resource and display the desired list. Among the advantages of automatic selection are speed and simplicity.

The manual method is longer and more complicated but with its help, you can do everything as accurately as possible. First of all, you need to examine the available information. Let us suppose that you need to promote the website of a company that sells auto parts. Do you need to find out what parts does it sell exactly? For which brands? For what vehicle manufacture year? Are clients individual persons or enterprises? Any information matters. For example, if a firm operates in the B2C market, you need to focus on queries that contain the word «wholesale». It is important to add to the kernel requests related to the region in which the promotion is carried out – for example, «buy parts for a VAZ in Moscow». After making an illustrative list, use the Yandex WordStat service for a precise selection of words.

Inner optimization

Another vital moment in the promotion of the website is that a high quality of the materials on the pages, the correct technical optimization is about half the success.

how to promote a website with seo
how to promote a website with seo

It is required that your site meets a number of characteristics.

  1. Content should be unique.

Carrying out independent SEO-website promotion, prepare content that is 95–100% unique. You can deviate from these indicators only in cases when such a result is impossible — for example when listing technical characteristics, quotations, formulas, and the like. If the basic information presented on the pages is not unique, you cannot even try to promote the site yourself – you will encounter very great difficulties.

For indicator check, you can use different websites and programs such as, eTxT Antiplagiat, Advego Plagiatus. It is better to use several options at once; this way you are guaranteed to avoid the risk of missing non-unique fragments. Delete or fix them, then check again. Did you manage to achieve 95–100% results? Therefore, you can proceed to the next stage of inner optimization.

  1. It is necessary to optimize the page for search queries.

Thinking about how to promote the website, you should focus on attracting the target audience first. Most visitors will come through search engines, which means that you should give special attention to search engine optimization. If this is not done, the behavioral indicators will go down greatly, which will lead to the impossibility of a normal website promotion. There are several nuances to pay attention to.

  • Pages must have the correct title. It is important for both users and search engines. The title should indicate the direct entry of the key phrase.
  • You need to place the headings of the 1-6 level – h1-h6, which must also contain keywords on the pages. Keep in mind that you cannot place more than one h1 on each page!
  • Website promotion is impossible without keywords directly within the content. In addition, it is necessary to place tags selection, photos, graphics and other elements that increase the information content in the text.
  1. The website should be user-friendly.

To promote your website by yourself, pay attention to its structure and navigation. If a user has to think about getting information from a page, it is a bad page to make an effort. The visitor will leave it in a blink of an eye. Search engines also analyze resource usability.

How to organize the information? The first thing you need to do is to hammer out the facts. The best option is a tree structure that includes sections and subsections, categories and directories. The user should be able to jump from one page to another quickly. If you are thinking about how to unscramble the website of an online store or other sales organization, make sure that contact information, prices and the like are available. There is a «three-click rule» which says that the visitor should be able to find the data s/he needs by making no more than three mouse clicks. Less is better.

A sound solution of issues with the structure of the website will help to improve not a search only, but also behavioural indicators. This means that the user is much more willing to use your products or services.

  1. Do not forget about interlinking.

A website promotion independently requires the preparation of numerous links. One of the main factors of internal optimization is linking, that is, on the pages of the site you need to place links to other pages of the same resource. Thanks to this promotion are carried out at the expense of the internal potential of the website. Interlinking solves several problems at once. It will not only distribute the «weight» of the pages correctly but also help you to advance precisely the parts of the resource you need, direct the user to the right place where s/he can place an order or receive important information. The work is done manually and may require a serious expenditure of time, but it is worth it; by placing links in suitable places, you will get rid of the impressive financial expenses in the future.

  1. Make a website good-looking and fast loading.

One of the main problems of many Internet resources is the low download speed. If a page loads for more than a couple of seconds, something is obviously wrong with it. For search robots, a slow website is a negative signal, and a user is unlikely to agree to wait – rather, s/he will simply close the tab and go to the competitors. If you are interested in the proper promotion of the website, pay attention to technical nuances. What are the reasons for too slow loading? It is about the wrong layout, the abundance of «heavy» images, and problems with the server.

Independent website promotion requires work on a design. Nice interface, the choice of the right fonts will help users better perceive the information presented. Would you like to experiment with the interface of a resource? Be careful as long as users do not like too unusual innovations. The correct option would be to have a look at top competitors and to do something similar.

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So, if you want to learn how to promote a website with seo, make sure to understand the article above very well.

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