Is Kuda Bank Legit App | The Truth You Must Know About Kuda App

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Is kuda bank legit app in Nigeria.  Yes,  Kuda app is a legit bank app in Nigeria.  With Kuda bank,  you can save Money with no limits.

If you’re looking for the best mobile bank app in Nigeria,  then,  look no further.  Kuda bank is the right choice for you.

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We have previously written a blog post about kuda microfinance bank, we told you every thing you should know about Kuda bank app. We found out that people still want to know if kuda bank is legit app or if it is scam.

That is what prompted us to write this post article to let you know that kuda microfinance bank is legit and not scam app. So if you are among those that are still asking this question,  is kuda bank legit app or scam app,  kindly know that Kuda bank is legit and not scam.

As a matter of fact,  we’re using kuda microfinance bank and we can testify that it’s very good and reliable. If you’re a regular reader reader of our blog, you’ll know that most products or services we recommend here is what we’ve tested our self.



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One of the best features we love about this awesome app is that you’ll get up to 50 free transfers each month. This means that you will not be charged for the first 50 transfers you make in a month. If you don’t do that amount of transfers monthly,  this means that you’re actually using Kuda bank for free.

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Is kuda bank legit app or is it a scam app

Yes,  kuda bank is tested and trusted bank application. It’s very legit and you can use it with full confidence.

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It’s just like your usual banking system like Uba, Sterling, First bank, Gtb,  Zenith bank,  etc. So you can actually use it for your daily banking activities.

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