IS NNU STILL PAYING: Nnu Has Turned Out To Be Scam

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Is Nnu still paying? Most people have been asking this question since no one is receiving payment from nnu income again. This question has been going on for sometime now and I have decided to give my own answer to the question.

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Is nnu legit or scam?: Is nnu still paying?

To be honest, nnu has been a legit income program which has earned it’s members good money on monthly basis, but lately, it is like nnu income program turned out to be scam. All these started when nnu income program changed their payment criteria.

Looking at it from my own point of view: Is nnu still paying or is it a scam?

I joined nnu income program just to test the legitimacy of the network, and I got paid in the first month, that made me to write a review on nnu income program.  So, after then, I never focused on nnu because, I all I did is to test their legitimacy.

Looking at it from my own point of view, is nnu still paying? In fact, the whole thing is very confusing, considering the way people are complaining about this, it looks like nnu has turned out to be scam, but I can’t just conclude yet, I can not condemn nnu until I’m fully convinced that nnu is scam.

From other people’s point of view: Is nnu still paying or is it scam?

Most people have already concluded that nnu is a scam. Is nnu still paying?, this is exactly the question people are asking every time, this is because, nnu has not paid them within some months. They have became worried and concluded that nnu is a scam.

My advice:Make sure to get convinced before you label nnu as a scam. Is nnu still paying?, this is exactly the question that brought us here. Before you go, earn 50% commission promoting my email marketing software.




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