kuda Bank Review 2021- Is KUDA BANK Legit/Is KUDA BANK Safe?


kuda microfinance bank review 2021. Is Kuda microfinance bank a good bank in Nigeria?. Is kuda bank legit?.  Is kuda bank safe?. Kuda bank review.

Yes,  Kuda bank is a very good bank in Nigeria. Kuda bank is legit.

I’m personally making use of Kuda for my banking. So,  this review is based on my personal experience.

What is Kuda Microfinance Bank/ Kuda Bank/ Is Kuda Bank Legit /Is Kuda bank safe?

Kuda bank is not your usual banking system.
It’s the first mobile banking system in Nigeria, licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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They don’t charge for card maintenane, also, they offer free transfers to any bank.
Kuda microfinance bank review 2021
Kuda microfinance bank review 2021

Their Cac registration number is RC 796975 and the CEO of Kuda microfinance bank is Babs Ogundeyi

Kuda Bank Brief History – kuda microfinance bank review (Kuda bank review)

Formally, Kuda microfinance bank was called, Kudimoney.

Their mission is to give people rest of mind while banking.

Because of the frustration people are facing with their banks, they decided to do something better.

As a result of that,  Kuda microfinance bank grew their team to give people a beautiful banking experience

 At this point, they decided to change their name from kudiMoney to something else.

 They had to change their name due to the frequent adoption of the “Kudi” name by other FinTech startups.

Kuda bank had the interest of people at heart, so they changed to Kuda, which is what they are today.

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Features – Kuda Microfinance Bank Review

Below are the core features of Kuda.

Mobile-first banking

Kudabank is mobile-first, It’s very good as Nigeria is dominated with mobile phone.

According to research, in the year 2018, there were about 49.4 million mobile phone internet users in the country.

This figure has been projected to grow to over 76.3 million by 2023.

The mobile baking system provided by Kuda bank has helped  people to reduce the stress of going to the bank.

 No Bank charges

This is awesome. Your banks charge you for almost everything 😍

You will be charged for card maintenance,  sms, transfers,  stamp duty, etc.

Do you know what?. There is nothing like that in Kuda microfinance bank,  no transfer fees, card maintenance. Etc.

As a Kuda user,  you get 25 free transfers every month. Is this not awesome? 😍

Look at the amount of money Kuda will save you from spending, 1,312.5 naira every month and 15,250 naira every year. (It’s equivalent of what traditional banks would have charged you if you do about 25 transfers each month).


This is a never seen aspect of banking system in Nigeria. Kuda microfinance bank’s flexibility is very good.

Request for Kuda bank ATM and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Customer Care service

To be honest, they don’t provide 24/7 customer service.

Kuda will attended to you very fast if you contact them through email.

According to  Hubspot eports 90% of customers will rate an immediate response as “important” when they have a customer service issue. “Immediate” here is said to be 10 minutes or less.


Kuda bank  mobile app does not allow screenshots to be taken in the app.  This is to ensure good security.

You alone will know your pin to access your mobile app. It’s awesome right 😍

Easy app usage

The Kuda app is very easy to use and the navigation buttons are very understandable.

Kuda app is the fastest bank in terms of making transfers. It doesn’t delay. You can make transfer from Kuda to other banks very easily.

Is Kuda Microfinance Bank Safe? Is Kuda Bank Legit?

Yes, Kuda is 100% safe and legit for you and it’s  the same measure with your regular bank

How to install Kuda app

Installing Kuda app is very easy. All you need to do is go to Play store and install it.

Here is the direct link to install the app.

Enter this invitation code while registering your account with Kuda microfinance bank bank. PKP8BOI9


You’ve just read my kuda microfinance bank review 2021. From what I have experienced so far while using Kuda bank,  I can testify that they are really trusted.

Save your self time and money,  install Kudabank app today and enjoy stress less mobile banking in Nigeria.

Share your own experience with us while using kuda app.  Make use of the comment section.

Don’t forget to share this post to your social media for others to read on and don’t forget to comment.

This post is all about kuda microfinance bank review 2021.

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