Is loantech still paying.Loan tech withdrawal update and why loan tech have not paid loan tech members. Loan tech withdrawal issues.

Is loantech still paying. The truth is that loantech is no longer paying.

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This post is about loan tech withdrawal issues. Like you all have noticed,  loan tech has not paid members for the past few weeks now.

I got an update from their telegram group claiming that they are suffering from attack from hackers.

Now the question is,  can this be true?

Are we sure they are telling us the truth? How sure are we that loan tech withdrawal issues will be resolved?

From the loantech withdrawal update they dropped today on their telegram group.  They claimed they will be back once they resolve the loan tech withdrawal issues.

Loan tech withdrawal update / Loan tech withdrawal issues.

Loan tech claims their website  were attacked by hackers. This was what they said,  who knows the truth. They are the only people that knows the truth.

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Is loan tech still legit or scam? Is Loantech Still Paying 

Is loan tech legit or scam?. This is the same question everyone is asking.  Some said that loan tech is legit,  some said that loan tech is scam. This loan tech withdrawal update and loantech cashout issues has been the greatest shock to members. Honestly,  this is not encouraging at all.


Now to answer this question,  is loantech still paying, The truth is that loantech is no longer paying. Loantech has turned out to be scam. So guys this is my take  on loantech withdrawal update and loantech withdrawal issues.


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