Mad Ads Media Review 2021 – Make Money From Madads media


Mad ads media review 2021. Mad ads media is a very good platform which you can use to monetize your website or blog. Read the full review about Mad Ads Media, madads media or madadsmedia review.

Anyone that sees the internet as a serious business makes good money. Money is the ultimate goal of all netizen. Most Bloggers, website owners, and app developers see Adsense as the primary source of income. But getting Google Adsense approval may not be that easy.

If you have an Adsense account, you can get banned when you violate any of there terms. If your Adsense account get banned, you’ll probably think that all hope is lost.

But it’s not that way. There are various ways to make a consistent income online. If you like making money through contextual ads, then  MadAdsMedia  is another good ads network aside Google Adsense.

Mad Ads Media Review 2021 – Madadsmedia Is A Good Ads Network To Make Money Through Blogging

Mad Ads Media or madads media is a very good ads network for any internet savvy person blogger. They’re working with many ad networks, ad exchanges, and RTB advertiser to serve its members with the best. So,  do not worry if Google Adsense did not approve your website, you can try out Mad ads media.


Madadsmedia will really give you what you want. Their requirements includes  owning a website with a good amount of traffic.


How To Apply For Mad Ads Media – Madadsmedia review

Madads media
Madadsmedia review

Go to There you’ll see an Apply Now link. Simply click it. Then you’ll see the registration form for mad ads media network. Fill in your details and click Submit Application.



Don’t exaggerate your figures while filling in the Daily Visits field. As you’ll see, they only need three types of publishers. Website owners, App developers, and Tumblr bloggers. If you’re a WordPress or Blogspot user, select the website option.

After you must have submitted the form, you’ll get a message that your application is being reviewed. And you will be informed about the status within 1- 2 business days. Execise some patience and wait for the good news.

After 1- 2 days, you’ll receive an email of your application approval or rejection. But only hope on successful approval. This means that it’s the time to start making good money from Mad ads media. That’s all. Now,  go to your dashboard.

How To Display Ads On Mad Ads Media/madads media

mad ads media
Mad ads media login


👉Visit and click Login. There, you’ll need to enter your login details (email and password). Then login to your dashboard.


👉To show ads on your blog, go to the Ad Code session by clicking on the link given there. On the next screen, choose the ad size and click Get Ad Code. Then you’ll be given a code snippet.

👉Go to your blog’s widget section and select html, paste your code there and click save. That’s all. Mad ads media will start showing ads on your website . Do not be scared if it doesn’t show. Usually, madads media network takes two or more days to display ads.

You can as well add another site. But it will take 1- 2 days before it get approved.

Mad Ads Media Features

Mad ads media review 2021
Mad ads media review


Below are some features of Madadsmedia. It’s important you know most of them.


MadAdsMedia Revenue Calculator

This is what what interest you the most. Revenue calculator is a unique idea. I have not seen it in other ad networks except Magenet. This awesome calculator allows you to get an approximate value of how much we can earn.

You’ll find 5 fields in the calculator. You’ll have to enter daily impressions and percent of impressions from some specific countries. Then you get an estimated value of daily earning and monthly earning as well.


Manual Approval by madads media

They’re very strict about the quality of publishers they accept. So each application is manually approved.

There is no need to enter false details about your site’s stats. Be original. Whatever be your stats are, you will be rewarded for your truthfulness. But do not apply for it if you don’t have good amount of pageviews. Because it will end- up in low earning.

Compatible with Other Networks

Mad Ads Media is compatible with any other ad network. You can run Adsense, Chitika or Infolinks with this network. Don’t ruin your site by adding many ads network in a single website or blog. You can either use Adsense, Magenet and Mad ads media.

Fairly High CPM Rates


This network can give you the best in class CPM rates. Make use of MadAdsMedia revenue calculator to get an estimated value. You’ll be amazed to see their rates. Try to drive more traffic from USA and UK. Your revenue will boom like a rocket.

Low Minimum Payout

MadAdsMedia review- revenue calculator

If you’re using Adsense, then you should know the minimum payout of Adsense which is $100. In this case,  the minimum payout is not huge, you can set the minimum payout in MadAdsMedia. It should be from $25 upwards. This feature allows you to cash out whenever you want some urgent money.


Payment Options

There are three payment options that is available. Paypal, Check, and ACH. These days, most people have a Paypal account. So it’s not a big deal. If you don’t have, you’ll get the check worth the income. ACH means, Automated Clearing House which is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States.

247 Customer Support

Some of the common questions are answered in the FAQ section. And If you have other questions, you can ask them through their contact page. They have a team of specialists to help you. You will be totally satisfied for sure.

Conclusion: Mad Ads Media Review 2021 | Should You Join Madadsmedia?

If you want to leverage the hidden income from your website, blog or app, go ahead and register. Do not forget the stats of your website. Do proper optimization and get traffic from top countries. I recommend you should only apply after getting a good amount of traffic. This will help you to get a good commission.

If you’re currently using mad ads media or have previously used it on your website or blog,  kindly share your experiences with them.

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