This article is all about Mayolad connect review.  You will see exactly what mayolad connect is and how you can make over N2,000,000(two million naira) from it.

Before we begin,  I encourage you to read this article till the end because you can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

WHAT IS MAYOLAD CONNECT? Mayolad connect review

MAYOLAD CONNECT (M-CONNECT) is a company offering telecom services all at a cheaper rate since 2019.

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Recently,  they integrated a multi level marketing feature on Mayolad connect which allows you to earn passive income.

Many people look for different ways to earn extra income online. Which explains why MAYOLAD CONNECT is a viable and increasingly common online earning technique for some Nigerians.

In as much the desire to accumulate extra cash keeps rising with each passing day, it is extremely important to ensure that the method used is legit and sustainable.

Online options continue to be some of the most favoured avenues of making money today. The best of it is a multi-level marketing system because you keep earning forever and even while you stop working.

You only need to work once and keep earning forever.

But how does MAYOLAD CONNECT work?

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Now the question is this,  how does mayolad connect works?. It’s simple,  I will explain to you how mayolad connect works.

M-connect is an already existing VTU/Telecome Website which as been functioning since 2019.

They added the New MLM program that allows you to earn from your donwlines deep down to 6th generation.

The two programs are now running concurrently on one platform, which means you can decide to withdraw your earnings on MLM directly to your bank account with instant reflection. Or use it to purchase data and other services in VTU.

4 Different ways to earn on mayolad connect.

There are four different ways to earn on mayolad connect,  see them below.


MAYOLAD CONNECT has provided the following services all at a very cheap rate (resellers’ rate) for you to resell and make huge profits.

1. Mobile data of all networks.
2. Airtime of all networks.
3. TV subscriptions.
4. Bulk SMS.
5. Electricity bills.
6. Recharge Card e-pin.
7. Airtime to cash.


This will allow you to earn whenever your downline (someone you refer with your Link) purchase data on the platform, you’ll be given %1 of the transaction fee.
👉If your downline buy MTN 1gb, you’ll get #3
👉 If your downline buy MTN 2gb, you’ll get #6
👉 If your downline buy MTN 5gb, you’ll get #15

Which means if you invite 20 people and they purchase average of 20Gb per day, you’ll be earning
#3 X 20Gb = 60
#60 X 20 donwlines = #1200 per day and #36,000 in a month.


You will earn #50 direct Referral bonus on each fellow that registers using your referral link, this is unlimited as you can refer as much as you can.


The matrix plan allows you to earn some percentage of your downlines’ registration fee.

This does not matter if you are the referral, you will earn once your downlines refer people as well and the downlines of your downlines and you keep earning commission deep down to the 6th generation of your team.

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Don’t forget,  this post is all about mayolad connect review, so below are the matrix compensation plan.

Level one

Mayolad connect review
Level 1

On level 1, you will refer 5 people and earn #90 each, total of #450.

Level 2

Mayolad connect
Level 2

On level 2, your 5 downlines will refer 5 people each.  You earn #76 each of them. That’s total of 1900 + 2 tins of liquid milk or cash equivalent.

Level 3

Level 3

On level 3, the 25 people will refer 5 people each. You earn #76 each.  Total of #9500 and customized T-shirt and face cap.

Level 4

Level 4

On level 4, you earn #56,250 and raw food worth #5,000

Level 5

mayolad connect review
Level 5

On level 5, you earn #512,500 and new LG plasma TV.

Level 6

Mayolad connect review
Level 6

On level 6, you earn #2,578,125 and a trip to Dubai.

If you want to make good money from mayolad,  I highly recommend you focus more on the matrix system.

How much does it cost to join?

You need only 1k to register on this amazing platform. Don’t underestimate the power of 1k.💃

How to join mayolad connect

To join this amazing online business,  click directly on this link here to register.

My referral 🆔 is Johnpaulonwueme, so make sure you see it before finalising your registration.

After successful registration,  scroll down the page,  you will see upgrade to mlm. Click it,  enter your login details and confirm your referrer.

Then,  you will need to pay 1k for the activation before you start enjoying the benefits.

I have a strategy which we can use to make real money using the matrix system. If you want to work with us as a team,  click here and join my make money online group.

Conclusion on mayolad connect review 

Mayolad connect is a very good online business in Nigeria that is guaranteed to make you money. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Have some questions?  Leave your comments below.

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