Top 11 Money Making Ideas In Nigeria 2021



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Money making ideas in Nigeria 2021. In this article,  you will see the money making ideas in Nigeria 2021.

It’s no longer news that Nigerians make money online. But the question is. How can I make money online in Nigeria?. What can I do to make money in Nigeria.

Read this article till the end and find out the top 11 money making ideas in Nigeria 2021.

Money making ideas in Nigeria 2021

Money making ideas in Nigeria
Money making ideas in Nigeria

1. Start a blog

A blog is a very good medium to make money online. If you want to make money online in Nigeria, consider starting a blog. See how to create a blog here.

You can monetize your blog with Google Adsense, Magenet, Affiliate marketing, etc.

2. Create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is another money making idea in Nigeria which you can consider.

It’s all about making and uploading videos on YouTube.

YouTube will monetize your channel once you reach requirement of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

3. Publishing books online

You can try publishing books online. A good website to publish books online is okadabooks.

You can get paid when ever your book is downloaded or read.

4. Selling of designs and creatives online in Nigeria

This is another good way to make money online in Nigeria.

If you have basic knowledge of creating designs,  you have a good chance to make money from printivo.

They are an online store where you can sell your designs in Nigeria.

You earn 15% commission whenever a customer make use of your designs or print them.

5. Selling on e-commerce websites

E-commerce websites like konga and jumia are very good place to sell online.

You can list your products on the websites for free while they sell for you.

6. List properties online

Another idea to make money online is by listing properties online. You can check out propertypro and private property.

7. Become a virtual tutor

You can make money with your knowledge by tutoring online. If you want a website to do that,  you can check out superprof.

8. Become a freelancer

Freelancing is another good way to make money online in Nigeria.

You can offer professional services online and earn money.

If you want to start freelancing,  you can register on freelancer ,upwork and fiverr.

9. Online surveys

This is another money making ideas in Nigeria 2021. You can make money online in Nigeria filling out surveys.

Continue reading below the money making ideas in Nigeria 2021

10. Affiliate marketing

This is another good idea to start.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling other people’s product or service and in return,  you get commission.

You can check out this post here and see how affiliate marketing works.

11. Selling digital products online

You can sell digital products online and make more money online in Nigeria.

It’s one of the best online business so far.

If you need help starting digital marketing,  start here.


This post contains the money making ideas in Nigeria 2021. Learn from this article and try to make something out of it.

It’s the quickest way to make money in Nigeria. 

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