Moniepoint Pos : How To Get Moniepoint Pos In Nigeria 2022

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Moniepoint pos is one of the leading pos services in Nigeria. Getting a moniepoint pos has its procedure. So for you to get an idea on how to get moniepoint pos in Nigeria, read this post till the end.

Pos business is currently booming in Nigeria because many people now prefer making use of pos to going to banks or using the Atm machines. This is because it is easier to do a transaction with a pos than going to the banks.

Now think of this, how do you feel when ever you go to the bank to do any transaction, whether inside the bank or even making use of the atm. The kind of queue you will experience will make you hate going to the banks to perform any transactions.

This is the reason why pos business in Nigeria is highly lucrative if you start it in a very busy area and far from a bank too.

What is pos

You already know what a pos is, but for the sake of this post, we’ll give you small highlight on that.

Pos means{point of sale}. This is computerized mechanism that helps to perform different transactions.



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What is moniepoint

Moniepoint is a mobile money platform / company that helps people to do most mobile transactions. This company is a reliable mobile money platform which you can use for your mobile money transactions in Nigeria.

They provide a lot of services which include money transfers, withdrawals, vtu services, etc. So for you to start using moniepoint pos to do your business, you have to apply to become their agent before you use their pos.

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What is moniepoint pos

Moniepoint pos
Moniepoint pos

This is the pos machine provided by moniepoint company /platform. This is only distributed to their agents to help render banking services to people and also make money for their selves.

The qualifications you need to apply for moniepoint pos in Nigeria

  • You must be 18 years old or above
  • Of course you must be a Nigerian
  • You must own a smartphone
  • Have some knowledge about tech.

How To Get Moniepoint Pos In Nigeria – How To Apply

The first thing you should do is to register or sign up on their website. You can visit their website at



Once you go to their website, then follow the procedure below to apply for moniepoint pos

  • Click get started button
  • Input your personal information which include your email address, full name, phone number etc.
  • Indicate the other pos merchants you’re already working with. {That is if there is any}.
  • Then submit your application.

After all the steps above, you should receive an email within 48 hours from an officer who is in charge agents.

You will need some documents to complete your moniepoint pos agent registration. So below are the documents you will need to complete your registration.

The documents you need to complete your registration

To complete your KYC {know your customer} documents, the officer will request for some documents. So see the list of documents below.

  • A valid ID card which can include any of the following {National Id card, voters card, international passport or driving license}
  • Utility bill like Electricity bill
  • CAC documents {If you have a registered business}
  • BVN
  • Your account number

How much does it cost to become a moniepoint agent

To become a Monieppoint agent and have access to their pos, it will cost you about 20, 000 naira. {twenty thousand naira}

How To Download Moniepoint App

If you want to download the moniepoint app, you can go to Google playstore and download the moniepoint app.

Moniepoint Pos Login

To login to your moniepoint pos, you just need your login details, username and password. So open their website or the mobile app, click login, then enter your login details and access your dashboard. It is as simple as that.

Moniepoint Support

If in any way you have issues with their pos and you want to contact their support team, you can get them at

Conclusion on Moniepoint Pos

Moniepoint pos is very good if you want to become their agent. If this is what you want for your self, then go ahead and apply. Always make sure to contact them for help in case if there is any changes.

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Once again, thank you for reading our post on how to get moniepoint pos in Nigeria in 2022.

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