MTL STIPEND REVIEW- Make Over 2,100,000 With Just 200 Naira



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Mtl stipend will earn you over 2,100,000 with just a start up capital of 200 naira in 2021.

With just #200 one time payment, you are on a journey of 2M within a short period of time.

So,  before you join mtl stipend,  read my mtl stipend review and how mtl stipend works.

Is mtl stipend legit, Is mtl stipend legit or scam, mtl stipend is it legit, what is mtl stipend.  These are the questions that are running in your mind now.

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Mtl stipend is a very good online business in Nigeria that has been designed to help people make real money online. Read my lips 💋 well, you will earn real money from mtl stipend.

Mtl stipend is some how familiar with 1dollarstartup online, but it is not the same.

If you are the type that are not good in referring people to any business,  mtl stipend has got you covered.

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This is the best time for you to start an online business with just 200 naira. If you miss this opportunity, don’t blame any one.

Watch this video below and see how much I earned from mtl stipend. Try your best to watch the video


👇👇👇 Know more about this business, mtl stipend how it works ( mtl stipend review 2021 )

*Registration fee; #200*


Ⓜ️ *Stipend Stage 1*
Level A. 3x ₦50= ₦150
Level B. 9x ₦39 = ₦351
*Total Earning: ₦501*

Ⓜ️ *Stipend Stage 2*
Level A. 3x ₦150 = ₦450
Level B. 9x ₦123 = ₦1107
*Total Earnings: ₦1557*

Ⓜ️ *Stipend Stage 3*
Level A. 3x ₦500 = ₦1,500
Level B. 9x ₦345 = ₦3105
*Total Earnings: ₦4605*

Ⓜ️ *Stipend Stage 4*
Level A. 3x ₦1,500 = ₦4,500
Level B. 9x ₦1780 = ₦16,020
*Total Earnings: ₦20,520*

Ⓜ️ *Stipend Stage 5*
Level A. 3x ₦3,000 = ₦9,000
Level B. 9x ₦4556 = ₦41,004
*Total Earnings: ₦50,004*

Ⓜ *Stipend Stage 6*
Level A. 3x ₦5,000 = ₦15,000
Level B. 9x ₦9445 = ₦85,005
*Total Earnings: ₦100,005*

Ⓜ *Stipend Stage 7*
Level A. 3x ₦15,000 = ₦45,000
Level B. 9x ₦17,225 = ₦155025
*Total Earnings: ₦200,000*

Ⓜ *Stipend Stage 8*
Level A. 3x ₦30,000 = ₦90,000
Level B. 9x ₦45,560 = ₦410,040
*Total Earnings: ₦500,040*

Ⓜ *Stipend stage 9*
Level A. 3x ₦50,000 = ₦150,000
Level B. 9x ₦150,000 = ₦1,350,000
*Total Earnings: ₦1,500,000*

Ⓜ️ *Recycling Stage*
Level A. 3x ₦100,000 = ₦300,000
Level B. 9x ₦200,000 = ₦1,800,000
*Total Earnings: ₦2,100,000*

Let me break it down for you using the first stage.

So,  in this mtl stipend business , you only need to bring 3 people to register with 200 naira each. Then your downline will bring there own.

Once your downlines complete their own downline,  you upgrade to the next level.

Now, you might be wondering how you will get all these downlines  and also how your downlines will complete their own too.

The good news is that once you join and get your 3 downline, other people that will join through your link will automatically go to your downlines and downline’s downlines

If you can do team work,  then organize people and start up a team work and help each other.

👉If you are ready to start making real money online from mtl stipend, click here to join and start earning from mtlstipend 

After registration,  click here to buy epin for activating your account.

How to activate your mtl stipend account

*How to activate your account*

👉Go to your  mtl stipend login and Login to your mtlstipend dashboard

👉Enter your epin

And activate your account.

How to withdraw from mtl stipend

👉Click on withdrawals

👉Click new withdrawal

👉Enter how much you want to withdraw

👉Select your bank name

👉Enter your bank account number

👉Click submit

👉Confirm your details

👉Then withdraw

That is how to withdraw from mtl stipend

Please,  share this mtl stipend review article on your social media. God bless you as you share🙏

If you also have some questions,  you can use the comment section and ask your questions.

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  1. Kaphy says

    1. Can i join directly or through someone that has already joined

    2. When will someone be able to withdraw

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      You will have to join from the link in this article.

      You will refer 3 people to join mtl stipend with your mtl stipend referral link before you start earning.

  2. Sylva says

    How can I become a representative of mtl stipend

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      If you want to become mtl stipend representative, chat the owner on WHATSAPP +234 811 621 9149

  3. Miracle says

    Like how long does it take B4 reaching the said 2.1 mill

  4. Hope says

    Please I can’t activate my account. Not seeing the activation stuff on my dash board, please what is the process

  5. Sam says

    Once I refer 3 people. Is that all? I don’t need to refer again for all stipend stages

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      Once you refer 3 people, you are done with your own part.
      Then you can continue referring people with your link if you want,they will be automatically placed for your downlines.

  6. Okpowodu Oghenemado says

    y is d name of d founder not in d site and do u guys change oil in ur site y are dose tin der… Do u guys have time for services of Wat kind???
    and ur contact info is not enoigh
    do u guys have an office????

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      If you want to speak with the owner, click the contact button on the website.

  7. Oladokun Olanike says

    Once i refer 3people, when exactly can withdrawal be made?

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      I don’t think something will happen.
      Did you get any warning like that?

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