NNU V2 – How Nnu Version 2 Works And How To Join In 1 Minite

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Nnu V2 will pay you without any referral, so if you want to join an income program in Nigeria that will pay you without any referral, nnu version 2 is the answer, nnu v2 will pay you without any referral.

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In this article, I will be showing you how nnu V2 works and how you can join nnu version 2 within 1 minute. Before we go into that, I will like to clear your mind on one thing, some people start criticizing a program once they hear about it, which is very wrong. Let me tell you, before you start saying that a particular program is scam, make sure that you have tested the program your self. Nnu forum is never a scam ooo, you can read my nnu forum review here.

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Nnu v2 other wise called nnu forum is a very legitimate online business in Nigeria which pays without referral. One thing which you must know is that we research on any program and even test it before bringing it to you hear, reason is because we don”t want you to fall a victim of scam. So every online business we put up here for you to join is 100% legit. So Nnu V2 is 100% legit.

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Do not forget, nnu V2 is the same as nnu forum. So let us see how nnu version 2 works and how to join nnu forum within 1 minute.


Like I told you, in this article, we will be looking at how nnu V2 works and how to join nnu version 2 within 1 minute. Below is how nnu V2 works.

You join with one time payment of 1,400 only,

You earn 50 naira just for joining nnu forum,

You earn 100 Naira for sharing sponsored post each day,

You earn 5o naira just for daily login,

You earn 1000 Naira for each referral { referral is not must, you will get paid without referrals,

You earn 200 naira for each post you submit to nnu forum.


If you want to join nnu forum, nnu v2 registration is as simple as abc, it does not require you to fill long form, all you need is your name, username, password, phone number, and your 1,400 naira for your registration.



Nnu V2 is 100% is legit online business in Nigeria that pays without referral, all you need to do is to post sponsored post on your Facebook timeline

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  1. Praiz says

    Please how what is the solution for those who have a v1 account. Is there a way it can be linked or do I need to pay 1400 for registration for v2 again

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      Hello Praiz, yes you need to pay 1400 and register for nnu V2, then you will import your earnings from nnu V1 to nnu V2.
      There is a button for transferring your nnu V1 earnings to nnu V2.
      So, register your nnu V2 from this link here https://bit.ly/34jDFDR
      Thank you.

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