Reddit can be an intimidating social platform in today’s digitalized world.With its pages looking familiar to the traditional messaging board, it’s made up of huge number of controversial communities and Redditors ( people using reddit).Not regarding  the harsh reputation, this American social media is said to be the front page of the internet.Reddit receive 430 million active users each month, this offers awesome business opportunity.if you don’t know, Reddit is a good place to generate leads. If you’re not convinced with their total monthly users, check the below numbers.

  • Reddit is one of the top 3 websites in the United States and top 7 worldwide.
  • It has over 46.7 million searches daily.
  • Users post ten million-plus posts each month.
  • It gets 2.8 million comments and 58 million votes each day.

The above statistics shows the importance of Reddit for marketers. But, most marketers overlook this platform because of several reasons.