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Royal Q is an auto trading app that promises to trade with Binance exchange and Huobi. In this post,  you’ll see our full Royal Q robot review and how RoyalQ works. Royal Q app review.

Is this another good way to make money online in Nigeria?

Royal Q has been trending for the past months and people are joining and allowing the RoyalQ robot to trade on their behalf.

Somewhere in this post,  I’ll tell you why many people are afraid of Royal Q trading registration.


What is RoyalQ app?  Royal Q app review

Royal Q robot crypto trading app is an app that promises to trade with your Binance exchange and Huobi.


Royal Q is what almost everyone is talking about and it’s trending in all social media such as YouTube,  Facebook,  Twitter,  etc.



Royal Q review
What is Royal Q app

How does Royal Q trading robot work? (Royal Q review) 

Like we’ve said earlier,  RoyalQ is a crypto trading robot that trades with your Binance exchange and Huobi. All you need to do is to download the Royal Q app, do your Royal Q trading registration,  connect your Binance or Huobi API with the RoyalQ bot.

What is Binance exchange? 

Binance exchange is a crypto trading website / app where you can trade cryptocurrencies. In Binance,  you’ll have the opportunity to own a crypto wallet.

Is Binance legit? 

Yes,  Binance is legit. You can use Binance without any fear of crashing or closing. Register an account on Binanance exchange here.


Royal Q registration (RoyalQ review)

To do your Royal Q trading registration,  go to Play store and download the RoyalQ bot trading app. Register an account, connect your Binance or Huobi API to your bot, pay Royal Robot fee and start trading.

Royal Q trade setting

If you want to do your Royal Q trade setting, locate the people that are registered with the trading bot and they’ll guide you on how to do that.

A quick disclaimer : We’re not registered with Royal Q bot,  this post is our honest Royal Q app review. So before you join,  do your own research.


Royal Q robot fee (Royal Q review) 

Royal Q robot fee is 120usdt (Trc-20). $100 is for the annual fee while the remaining $20 is for the gas fee.

After one year,  you’re expected to renew your Royal Q robot fee. 


As for your trading capital,  it remains in your Binance or Huobi account,  the both don’t have access to it as they said.

RoyalQ robot referral bonus (RoyalQ review)

Royal Q offers as high as 30% referral bonus for inviting people to register and start using Royal Q bot crypto trading app.

Remember,  in the beginning of this post,  we told you that we’ll tell you why people are afraid of trading with RoyalQ. Now see the reason why most people are afraid of joining and trading with Royal Q. 

RoyalQ review
RoyalQ review

Why people are afraid of trading with Royal Q robot (Royal Q review) 

The reason why most people are afraid of trading with RoyalQ is because of the high referral bonus they offer.


According to research,  some make money online platform that offered huge referral bonus never lasted. So people are afraid that it might also happen to Royal Q bot app.

Who is the owner of Royal Q?

You might be asking,  who owns Royal?. According our research, we found out that the only information about the owners of RoyalQ is that the app was developed in China and owned by a Chinese company.

There is nothing like the names of the owners and their personal information. The owners information they provided doesn’t make any sense at all. 

There’s no way you can trace them, at least know the location of their office.

Is Royal Q legit or scam? (Royal Q review) 

The fact that RoyalQ is still paying for now does not make it to be legit. The future will tell if they’re actually legit or scam. 

We’ll keep monitoring them to see if they really mean business or if they’ll run away with people’s money.

When Royal Q users are introducing you to register,  they’ll tell you that your trading capital remains in your Binance or Huobi account. That’s true,  but what about the bot activation fee which you paid to them?.

You don’t have access to the activation fee,  is that not true?.  That means they have the right to do it the way they like and nothing will happen😍

Conclusion on Royal Q review

RoyalQ robot promises to auto trade for you using your Binance or Huobi account. You’ll need to be very careful when using the bot.

We’re not in any way discouraging you from joining them,  we’re only giving our own honest Royal Q review.

We hope you enjoyed our Royal Q review post,  kindly share with your friends on social media. Also leave your comments below. Most importantly,  subscribe to our blog for more interesting posts.

If you’re already registered with RoyalQ,  please share your experiences with us in the comment section.


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