Seo Writing Guidelines – 14 Steps To Write Seo Optimized Content


Do you want your blog contents to start appearing on Google Search engine results page(Serp). In this post you’ll see 14 seo writing guidelines which will help you start ranking your blog posts on Google.

The most interesting part of this is that you’ll do it for free without spending money on any keyword tool. All you need to do is to follow the steps in this post.

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog,  you’ll notice that most of our blog posts are ranking on the first page of Google.

Read this post to the end and you’ll see the steps to write well seo optimized blog posts. Please we’ll like you to share this post with your friends on social media.


What is seo article writing?

You might be asking, what is seo writing and how do I do it. Seo article writing means the process of writing a blog post that has a high chance of ranking on the first page of Google. Whenever people search for a particular term on Google,  your blog content will be among the ones on Google first page.


Will this seo writing guidelines work for you?

Yes,  once you follow the Seo writing guidelines listed below and implement it correctly,  it’ll work for you. But in most cases it may not rank immediately because search engine needs to understand what your article is. And also, there are people who are already ranking on the first page before you.



Is this the same seo writing guidelines that other people are using?

It’s not every body that know about this strategy but only few. This is the reason why you should help your friends to know about this strategy by sharing with them.

Now let’s face it,  see below the 14 seo writing guidelines that will help you rank your blog contents on the first page of Google.

Seo writing guidelines – How to write blog contents that can rank on the first page of Google

Step #1. Know your target audience

The first step to take in writing a well seo optimized content is to know your target audience. If you know your target audience,  then you’ll know exactly how to get your contents to reach them.


Step #2. You will know which country they’re in

This Seo writing guidelines is very important. You have to know the country your target audience are so as to help you target them with the right approach.

Step #3. Make in depth keyword research with Google keyword planner

Seo writing guidelines

This is the third step in this seo writing guidelines. Keyword research is very necessary before you write any blog post.

Sometimes you may not afford to make use of the premium seo tools out there such as Semrush,  Ahrefs, etc. You can use a free tool called Google keyword planner.


Google keyword planner is a keyword provided by Google which makes it easier for marketers to make good keyword research for their ad campaigns. You as blogger can also make use of it to get profitable keyword for your blog posts.

To use this free keyword planner,  go to and create an account or sign in with your Gmail account.


Click on the tools tab, then select keyword planner, select the get new keywords tab, enter your keyword in their and hit enter. This will bring up list of keywords related to the one you entered.

What you should do next is to copy down the ones related to what you’re about to write. Pick the ones with high search volume of at least 1k and above with low competition.

When you’re done with this step, then move to the next step of seo writing guidelines.

Step 4. Analyze your keywords to get the ones that your blogs can rank for using Ubersuggest

Writing guidelines for seo

Analyzing your keywords is very important because the keywords you got from Google keyword planner did not show you the seo difficulty. You need keywords with low seo difficulty which your blog can rank for.


How can you do this?.  We’ll use Ubersuggest for this. Go to, sign in with your gmail account for free. Create a project by entering your domain name so it can crawl your website. Ubersuggest gives you 3 free daily searches.

So copy the keyword you got from Google keyword planner,  paste it in ubersuggest (one keyword at a time) then hit enter.

Ubersuggest will show you list of keywords related to the one you entered,  click on the button that says (Keywords my blog can rank for).

Once this is done,  Ubersuggest will show you the list of keywords which your website can rank for. Congrats,  we’re done getting a keywords which our website can rank for.

Step #5. Insert your keyword in your post title

We’re now into placement of keywords in our blog post. The first place to insert your keyword is in the post title. This indicates what your blog post is all about. This is the number 5 step in this seo writing guidelines.

Step #6. Put your keyword in the URL of your blog post

Your blog URL contributes to your Google ranking. You’ll need to enter your keyword in your post URL to help your Google ranking.

Step #7. Your keyword must appear in the first paragraph of your blog post

Your first paragraph describes what the rest of your content is all about. Google uses this to rank your content on the first page of Google. So always enter your keyword in the first paragraph of your blog posts.

Step #8. Spread your keyword in the body of your content.

Your keyword should be found in the body of your content. Add it many times as possible but don’t stuff your blog post with keywords. To make sure you don’t stuff your blog post with keywords,  install yoast seo plugin in your site, it will notify you when you add more keywords than expected.

Step #9. Enter your keyword in the seo title

Guidelines for seo writing

Seo title is the title that shows up on Google when people search for specific keywords. Yoast seo plugin will allow you to do this once it’s installed in your website.

Step #10. Make your keyword seen in the meta description of your post

Your meta description is another strategic point to add your keyword. Always do this in all your posts. That’s why it’s important to use Yoast seo premium,  it will show you the colum to add this.

Step #11. Use your keyword in your headings

This is the eleventh step in this seo writing guidelines. Using your keyword in your headings such as h2,  h3,  h4,  etc, will help you rank your blog contents on Google first page.

Step #12. Add your keyword as tags in your post

Adding tags in your blog post can help you rank better for your keyword. When you add your keywords as tags, it gives you a higher chance of ranking and out ranking other blogs on Google.

Step #13. Tell Google the exact keyword which you’re targeting

Google needs to know the exact keyword which you want your blog post to rank for. You can add this using the Yoast seo plugin for wordpress.

Step #14. Write Longer words

Most times Google ranks a website based on the amount of words in the blog post. It assumes that the ones with longer words are more in depth.

What should you do next after reading this seo writing guidelines?

What you should do is to share this interesting post to your friends on social media. Then start implementing it right now because delay is dangerous😀

Conclusion on seo writing guidelines 2021

Writing a well seo optimized blog posts can be very difficult, but if you follow these seo writing guidelines,  it’ll be more easier for you.

Seo which stands for search engine optimization is a daily activity, so always follow these seo writing guidelines whenever you want to write a blog post to be able to rank on Google first page.

We hope you enjoyed this post,  kindly share with your friends on social media. Don’t forget to like this post and subscribe to our blog for more interesting posts like this one.

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