Sniggyvest Review : Might Make People To Loose Money


Welcome to our review. Is legit or scam. This is another platform that will make people cry.

This is a newly launched peer to peer platform that claims to double your investment within 5 minutes.

If you don’t want to be a victim of scam, then read our sniggyvest review to the end.

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What is all about? (Sniggyvest review) is a peer to peer platform where people lend money to each other and get double of the money back in return.

This might sound good to your ears but I’m going to tell you why this kind of online investment is not always advisable to join.


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How does sniggyvest work?

Like we’ve already told you,  it’s a peer to peer platform where you lend money to others and get double of your money in return.

Before you can start investing with them,  you’ll need to register with them.

How to register on (Sniggyvest review)

If you want to register with them,  go here and register your account. Remember,  you’re registering at your own risk.

According to them,  you’ll need to start your donation with 1,000 Naira,  then get 5000 Naira back within 5 minutes.

Then you pay 5,000 again and get 10,000 Naira in 2 days. You pay 10,000 Naira and get 20,000 Naira in 4 days. You pay 20,000 Naira and get 40,000 Naira in 8 days. You pay 40,000 Naira and get 80,000 Naira in 16 days.

So above are the amount of money you pay and get in return on Don’t forget, you’re still reading our sniggyvest review.

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Sniggyvest login ( review)

To login to your account,  you need only your email address and password.

Is sniggyvest legit or scam

Now,  here is the truth you must know. This platform might claim to be legit or appears to be legit. But it may start having issues of payment. We’re telling you this based on our past experience in peer to peer platforms. I’ll tell you the reason why I said so.

No peer to peer platform last. They work for 2 or 3 months and they crash. What I’m giving you is my honest review.

Why you should never join peer to peer platforms

Peer to peer platforms has made people to loose their hard earned money. Sometimes,  the owners of the p2p platforms will keep merging them selves and you keep paying to their accounts.

And sometimes,  you may not be able to contact the person that was merged to pay you. That is another case 😀

We joined some of this platforms in the past and It never ended well. None of them worked for at least 5 months.

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Conclusion on sniggyvest review

Peer to peer platform gives fast money,  but it never last long. If you want to join them,  be very careful.

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