Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

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Recharge card printing business in Nigeria 2021. In this post,  we’ll talk about how to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

Many people are frequently searching for new ways to make money. The recharge card printing business has been really lucrative to a lot of people recently, but of course, you’ll need to know some basics in order to begin such a business. So, how can you start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria?

Before that, we’ll answer some common queries that people usually ask when they learn about this way to make money. Many potential entrepreneurs would like to know about the merits of recharge card business.

The primary advantage is that people recharge their phones daily because they need to make calls and send messages, so they will surely buy a lot of cards.

This means that the business can be lucrative as long as you have customers. Attracting the customer base requires enough hard work, and you’ll also need to develop some strategic thinking.

If you do everything correctly, the recharge card business can drive a lot of profit. Now, you’ll see some detailed information about starting your business in the recharge card printing sphere.

How to start recharge card printing business In Nigeria – The basic information

Here is a guide that will help you learn how to start recharge card printing business.



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Just like any business, you will need a recharge card printing business plan that will outline the specifics of your business.

Next, you’ll need the pin codes that will be printed on the vouchers. Usually, you can get them from major dealers that will sell them to you for a reduced price.

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Most often, the pins are sent through e-mail, so you can easily try to find a dealer online. However, you should always check their reliability before registering with them. Once you register, you will have to provide proof of your identity and purchase a minimal amount of pins.

Your pin codes payment has to be done through the bank. The dealer will give you with the bank account where you have to transfer money.

Then, you’ll get an e-mail with the pin codes that you have purchased. It’s strongly recommended that you open them on your personal computer and not on a public computer, especially if you forget to log out later.

If you’re working with a local dealer, they can give you the pins by meeting up with you and giving you a flash drive or CD.

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What you need for the business.

You’ll not need lot of special tools for recharge card printing business. You should only ensure that you have the following:

👉Good laptop or computer with a stable internet connection.

👉Valid e-mail address.

👉Recharge card printing machine.-printing press A3/A4 paper for printing out the recharge cards.

👉Software for de-encrypting the pin codes that are sent to you.

👉Startup capital.

In case you’re confused about printing your cards, there are a few options that would be good for you. You can print your pin codes online, use special software, or the e-pin manager.

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If you can’t afford the expensive computers or printing press, you can receive a special device from a major card dealer that will enable you to print out your vouchers.

Internet connection will not be compulsory for printing out cards but is essential for your business. Because if you’re dealing with people who are far away from you, you’ll need the Internet connection to keep in touch with them.

How to print recharge cards

So, above are all the steps, but summarized for your convenience. To kick off your recharge card printing business, you’ll have to:

👉Use a laptop or computer with a stable internet connection.

👉Contact the mega-dealer who will give you the software.

👉Download their software and install it on your laptop.

👉Order the recharge card pin codes on their website and pay for them.

👉You’ll receive some encrypted pin codes. They can be de-encrypted only with the help of the software that was sent to you.

👉Now, de-encrypt the codes with the recharge card printing software and then print them out for sale.

Everyone with a phone must make calls, and for that, they need their phone to be recharged.

If you have the primary tools for recharge card production, good startup capital, and reliable partners, then the recharge card printing business could bring you money in no time.

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If it’s something that you can try, you can go ahead and do that.

Disclaimer: This post is only for educational purpose and you’ll be responsible for any actions you take after reading this post.

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