6 Reasons You Should Use Google Adsense & Affiliate Programs



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In this article,  I will share with you the 6 reasons why you should use Google Adsense and affiliate marketing programs.

Due to the difficulty and strong policies by Google Adsense on New Publishers, bloggers and site owners. Many have decided Not to Use Google Adsense on their site again or even apply for Adsense, if you are a new beginner or just starting out, I want to give you 6(six) Reasonable tips Why you should still Use Google Adsense on Your Site, Blog with other Affiliate Marketing Program acceptable by Google Adsense.

Six Amazing Reasons You Should Use Google Adsense

#1: Google Adsense is the Best Ad Network (Globally).

#2: Google Adsense Bridge The Gap.

#3: Use Google Adsense: You Have Nothing To Loose

#4: People’s General Believe About Google Adsense

#5: Great ROI (Return On Investment)

#6: Make Money Without Referral Or Selling

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Now, Let’s deep into these 6 reasons why you should use Google Adsense with affiliate marketing programs before you make a final Decision.

#1: Google Adsense is The Best Ad Network (Globally)

It is not a secret that Google Adsense is the biggest and Best Advertising company in the world today and uses an Ad Network called Adsense to reach a wide range of Audience for Advertiser Globally, it ROI for Advertiser is very converting and great that is why it is the best.

Above all, Adsense pays higher than other Ad Network on CPC, CPM and CTR. 

If Advertisers loves Google Adword, then Publishers love Google Adsense.

Despite everything, Google Adsense Earnings can be withdraw in any country that is acceptable by Google. You can receive your Earnings from Wire Transfer, Cheque even without PayPal or Payoneer as other Ad Network does.

#2: Google Adsense Bridge The Gap

Now, You might own a site with little traffic or high page view but you are unable to get people to advertise on your site because you are not known yet or not a Celebrity But Google Adsense bridge that gap between Advertiser and Publisher like you (site owner).

Google Adsense lift the work off your shoulders and let you focus on creating quality content for your audience.

Adword help advertiser track how their ads performance with high technological software that you as a beginner can afford and Adsense show you how to place high paying ads on your site to increase your revenue, Google Act as Middle Man between Advertisers and Publishers (Site Owner).

#3: Use Google Adsense: You Have Nothing To Loose

This Point is very simple to understand, you have nothing to loose since you did not pay to sign up for Google Adsense or Pay to use Google Adsense, you loose nothing at the end even though they disabled your account, banned your domain name or do not approve your site.

#4: People’s General Believe About Google Adsense

You would be amazed to know that people generally thinks that site that use Google Adsense as Monetization method are making money, Big Money! Lol. 

So, make them feel that your site is making legit money online by using Google Adsense today.

#5: Great ROI (Return On Investment)

When you are using Google Adsense on your site, no matter how much or time spent promoting your site is not a waste. 

You would earn it back and still make profit selling your Products and Services or even do your affiliate marketing business.

Google Adsense accept using Affiliate Programs that comply with their Policies and even allow other Ad Network on your site like Propeller Ad Network etc. 

If you run an Affiliate review site you can use Google Adsense as a side hustle business on your site and Propeller Ads.

In Adsense Earnings, there is no limit on how much you can earn from your site, once your payout reaches their threshold, you get paid. Usually, Google Adsense pays in the beginning of every new month. 

#6: Make Money Without Referral or Selling Anything Online

The Use of Google Adsense Program on your site allows you to make money without selling anything or earn money without referrals Online.

Google Adsense is Simple, if you abide by their policies and terms of use.

After Reading this post, you would want to get started with Google Adsense and Start Earning, visit Adsense.com to Sign up.

We have come to the conclusion of this article on 6 reasons why you should use Google Adsense with affiliate marketing programs. Hope you understood all I said about the 6 reasons to use Google Adsense and affiliate marketing programs, make sure to share with your friends.

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