Viraltrend Review 2022 : How To Make Money With Viraltrend(50K Monthly)

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Viraltrend review and how to make money with viraltrend. In this post,  you’ll read everything about viral trend and how to make money online in Nigeria from viraltrend.

We know that a lot of platforms has come and gone but that doesn’t mean that there are no longer a legit platform that pays in Nigeria.

Viraltrend is a legit make money online platform in Nigeria that pays you for completing simple tasks online such as liking instagram posts, following instagram pages,  liking facebook posts,  subscribing to YouTube channels, etc.

Viral trend is totally different from all these platforms out there. It has been in existence for a long time now and still working perfectly. Read on to get all details.

What is viraltrend (Viraltrend review) 

As we’ve already said earlier,  viral trend is a legit platform in Nigeria that pays for doing simple tasks online using your android phone.

It’s just like a freelancing website where advertisers pay the publishers for doing jobs. It’s very easy and transparent.



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How does Viraltrend work?

It’s simple and straight forward.  All you need to do is to choose any of their 2 packages . Then make payment for your package. After that,  you’ll now start getting tasks or works to do. Keep reading this viraltrend review because I’ll tell you the recommended package to go for and how to do your viral trend registration.

My proof of payment from viraltrend

Below is my proof of payment from viraltrend.



how to make money with viraltrend

Below is another screenshot of my recent withdrawal of over 50k.

Viraltrend payment proof
Viral-trend payment proof

The screenshot below is my current earnings on my viraltrend dashboard

Viral trend earnings
My viral trend earnings

There is more proof of earnings,  check the screenshot below. Cool 26k🤑

My viraltrend payment for 14th of April 2022, the sum if 13,320 naira🤑💃

Viraltrend review payment proof
My viraltrend payment for 14th Of April 2022

Viraltrend packages

Viral trend has 2 packages. See below the different packages on viral trend and how much it costs:

👉Basic plan : 500 Naira

👉Premium plan : 1500 Naira

We recommend going for the premium plan because you’ll receive more jobs and make more money online.

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How to register on viraltrend (Viraltrend review)

Viraltrend registration is very straight forward.🤑 Click here and register your account using my referral link.🤑

👉Fill in your details

👉Then select the promote and earn option.

👉Click the register button,  then verify your email address.

👉After verifying your email address,  login to your account,  then click dashboard,  it’ll redirect you to the page where you’ll choose your package.

👉Like we’ve recommended,  go for the premium package, then proceed to make your payment.

Note : You can choose the basic plan but we recommend the premium plan to help you make good money from the platform.

Viral trend

Two ways to make money with viraltrend

There are two ways to make money from viral trend. Below are the two ways to earn from viral trend:

Doing jobs on the platform

This involves liking posts and subscribing to YouTube channels, etc.

Referral earnings (completely optional)

This involves referring people to join viraltrend platform. which is completely optional.

As a basic member, you get 30% commission when you a user joins using your link. You’ll also get 5% indirect commission from your 2nd level.

As a premium member,  you get 50% commission when someone registers with your link. You’ll also earn 10% indirect commission from your 2nd leg.

How to make money with viraltrend

What is the minimum withdrawal on viraltrend (Viraltrend review) 

The minimum withdrawal on viral trend is 5000 Naira. So once you earn up to 5000 Naira,  you can request for withdrawal. They charge 7.5% withdrawal charges.

Click here and register with my referral link

You can still watch our Viraltrend review video below


Viral trend is very exceptional and has a high potential of earning you over 10K on weekly basis.

Disclaimer : We are recommending this platform for you because it has proven to be legit. Go ahead and register your account if you are fully satisfied. You’re totally responsible for any action you take after reading post.

We hope you enjoyed this review,  please share with your friends on social media. Don’t forget to leave your comments below in the comment section.

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  1. Samuel says

    Hi admin!
    Is Viratrend still paying up till date, and how long has it been paying?

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      Hello Samuel, Viraltrend is still paying till date. I joined it about 1 year plus ago.

  2. Richmond Bannerman says

    Greetings, pls, I want to understand this tread call viral tread, pls if you can explain it better to know my left from right before I can invest on it.

    Due to my experience in Wpp,, I don’t want to fall victim again

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      Hello Richmond, send me a message on WHATSAPP 08100779150 So I tell you all you need to know.

  3. Lateef fatai says

    Hi 👋, can i know more about this viral trend because i don’t want to fall hand of fraud…

  4. Mubarak says

    I got registered yesterday and made a payment for the premium account with my Kuda account but my payment is yet to be verified. I have mailed them, do everything possible i can but no avail.

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      Did you pay the exact amount you were asked to pay?. That is including the charges.

  5. Christian says

    Hello JohnPaul
    I am interested in this. Am in Cameroon. So is it possible for me to register

    1. Johnpaul Onwueme says

      Hello Christian,
      Try registering with the link in the viraltrend review then check for your country in the country list and see if you’ll find your Country.

  6. Christian says


  7. Christian says

    Unfortunately it’s difficult to contact anyone. Most of their WhatsApp groups are full and no phone one number to call.
    Also their email is not going through. I would have really loved to register myself and start the network here in my country.
    If you got contacts try to do or propose me something
    Best regards

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