Wazobet Review 2021 : How To Register On Wazobet Betting Website


How to register on Wazobet betting website and get 50,000 Naira welcome bonus. Read our Wazobet review.

Online betting is another great way to make money online.  If you’re good in bet predictions,  you can actually make good money from Wazobet betting website.

So in this post,  we’ll be showing you how to register on Wazobet betting website and get 50,000 naira welcome bonus.

What is Wazobet

Wazobet is a good online betting website in Nigeria where you can play all kinds of games including soccer,  casino, virtual, etc.

You can also use Wazobet if you’re in kenya, Ghana,  United States, United Kingdom or any part of the country.

Why Wazobet is good for your daily betting

  • Fast and easy registration
  • They have user friendly interface
  • Numerous withdrawal options
  • Easy betting etc.
  • Fast payout
  • You can deposit minimum of 200 naira
  • You can withdraw minimum of 200 naira

Some betting websites like bet9ja and others have minimum withdrawal of 5,000 naira. But Wazobet has minimum withdrawal of 200 naira which is interesting. 


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Wazobet registration review,  how to register on Wazobet 

Wazobet registration process is very easy and straight forward. To register your free account and get 50,000 naira welcome bonus, follow the procedure below:

1. Click here and go straight to the registration page

Wazo bet registration

2. Click the register button

3. Then fill in the short form with your details,  which includes phone number and username. Leave the promocode blank as it is. 

Wazobet review

4. Click the open account button to complete your registration. 

5. Your password will be sent to you via SMS to the phone number you entered during your Wazobet registration.

As you can see,  the registration is very simple and straight forward. You can now login to your account, deposit money in your account and start your betting.

If you want to change your profile,  you can change if from your profile page. So, go to your profile page and change a new password. You can also watch Wazobet video below

How to deposit and withdraw money

To deposit money to your account or withdraw your earnings, follow the procedure below:

  • Click the deposit tab
  • Select deposit if you want to deposit money to your account.  Then select your deposit method
  • Select withdraw if you want to withdraw your earnings.  Then select your withdrawal method.

Wazobet betting website

As you can see,  deposit and withdrawal method on Wazobet is very simple.

How long does it take to get your money after placing a withdrawal request on Wazobet

Once you place a withdrawal request on this betting website,  you’ll receive it in few hours once your withdrawal request is approved.

You have to ensure that you enter your withdrawal details correctly to avoid issues.  This is very important.

Is Wazobet legit? 

Yes, this betting website is legit and you can make good money betting on this website.


Wazobet Nigeria is a very good betting website in Nigeria,  kenya, Ghana,  United States, United Kingdom or anywhere in the world. You can play casino, soccer,  virtual games, etc.

To register your free account and get 50,000 naira welcome bonus, click here and start your Wazo bet registration.

Online betting is one of the best ways to generate income online in Nigeria today. Most sports lovers and good bet predictors are using online betting business to make extra income for their selves.

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