Wpp91 Review : Is Wpp91.com Another Scam Platform In Nigeria?


Wpp91.com review. Is this another scam platform in Nigeria?.  Is wpp91.com legit or scam.

Welcome to our wpp91.com review. Here,  we’ll review this platform and let you know if it’s legit or scam.

When some people message me,  they’ll ask me,  when is this platform going to crash? 😀.

The fact is that I have been a victim of scam in several make money online platforms in Nigeria.  This is the reason why started making reviews about all these websites based on my personal experiences.

What is Wpp91.com all about? (Wpp91 review)

Wpp91 is a new make money online platform in Nigeria that claims to pay its members for helping online shoppers get sales. They call it completing orders.

When you register for free, you’ll need to upgrade to any of their VIP plans so that you can earn higher amount of money.


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How does Wpp91.com work? (Wpp91 review)

This is how wpp91.com works. You register a free account. They claim to offer a free account but the truth behind the free account is to lure people to upgrade to a VIP plan.

Then you need to upgrade to any of their VIP plans so as to complete more orders and make more money online. This is according to them.

Wpp91.com plans /packages

Like they have in their platform they have VIP packages ranging from VIP 1 – VIP 6.

Each VIP package has its own investment amount but We won’t be going into the amounts now. If you want to know that,  you can check their website. We’re only giving our own wpp91 review.

How to register with wpp91.com platform

To register an account with them,  all you should do is this.  Go to their website www.wpp91.com and register an account with them.  That’s if you must register🤔

Wpp91 referral program

This platform also has a referral program. This means that you get paid when you invite other people to join the program.

After your wpp91 registration,  copy your referral link and Start sharing it with your friends.

Is wpp91 legit or scam?

Before we tell you if this platform is scam or legit, we want to let you know about one thing.

This platform is just the same as mybonus2u  , Zapposapp and e-commerceng which have already crashed. There are other platforms with this same business model and they’ve all crashed.

If we are to say, according to our wpp91.com review, we’ll say that it’s the same people behind those crashed platforms that are also behind wpp91.com. Who knows?. We’re just saying because this site is a replica of mybonus2u platform.

Here is our judgment. This platform will likely to crash in no time.  Yes,  it’ll definitely crash. Because we’ve analysed it and we did not see any difference with the previous platforms that have crashed.

When will wpp91 crash?

To be sincere with you,  we can’t tell you when it will crash. But one thing that’s certain is that it’ll crash, no matter how they try to justify it.

Conclusion on Wpp91 review

If you’re investing in this platform,  make sure you invest the amount of money you can afford to loose. Because when it will happen,  we’ll not be there😀

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