Zapposapp Review: Is PURE SCAM


Is zapposapp legit or scam. In this article,  you will read my zapposapp review and see what is all about. is a pure scam. Don’t fall a victim of this scam app. I’m already a victim of this scam app, if you are yet to join,  run for your life. Keep reading,  I have more to tell you on this zapposapp review.

These days,  lot of platforms are being created. All of them claim to be legit,  but no one is legit. has been launched and people are already joining the platform.

Before I proceed with my zapposapp review, I’ll like to give you a quick disclaimer.

I’m no longer a registered member of zapposapp. This is an honest review which will let you know if you can register or not. They already scammed me.


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What is : Zapposapp review

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It’s a newly launched platform which claims to be legit. They claim to pay people money for completing tasks assigned to them.

They are similar to mybonus2u which has already crashed. They’re using the same business model.

Zapposapp claims that they are reputable company. This is a false claim. They’re only taking advantage of a reputable company called to deceive people. You can checkout the original site here.

Some facts you need to consider before joining zapposapp. Zapposapp review 

Remember,  I’m no longer a registered member of this website/app. My zapposapp review will help you take a decision.

Now,  below are some facts about zapposapp which you must know.

Zapposapp don’t have a specific address

Yes,  if you check their website/app,  you won’t see any specific address where you can trace them.

They should have a specific address which will make people to trust them. don’t have a  contact number

These people don’t have any contact number.  They only have an online chat agent, and it’s not working.

They claim to be a reputable company

This is not true.  This people are taking advantage of one reputable company called to deceive people.  If they claim to be owned by, the app should be advertised on Zappos.

Go and check Zappos website,  you won’t see anything like that there.

How does Zapposapp works in Nigeria

What you do to earn is to register, choose a package, then complete orders daily to earn.

How to register on

To join this platform,  you can check out there website here.

Note: You are responsible for any action you take. We won’t be held responsible for any loss.

Zappos App Login: Zapposapp review

To login to, you’ll need the following:

Phone number and password.

Zapposapp Packages/Plans

Below are membership packages available on zapposapp

1st Member VIP 1 : 500

2nd Member VIP 1: 1000

3rd VIP 1: 5500

4th Member VIP 1: 10000

1st Member VIP 2: 25000

2nd Member VIP 2: 80000

3rd Member VIP 2: 150000

Member VIP 3: 200000

Is Zapposapp legit or scam? Zapposapp review 

Yes,  it’s pure scam. It’s not legit.  I’m already a victim of their scam. So make sure you take the right decision.

Zapposapp is same with e-commerce-ng. These type of platforms will never last.


Is zapposapp legit or scam. Zapposapp is a pure scam. Do not fall a victim. Make more research before you think of joining Thanks for reading my zapposapp review.

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